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3 arguments 4 ethical egosism
altruism is self defeating
ayn rands argument
actually accounts for commonsense morality
3 arguments against ethical egoism
cannot handle conflict of interest
logically inconsistant
unacceptably arbitrary
morality and religion
morality is a matter of reason and conscience, not faith
divine command theory
connanded by god morally right
not commanded by god morally wrong
is it right because god commands it or does god command it becasue it is right?
problems with divine command theory
no god, killing would be ok
how could a command make killing ok
natural law theory
how the world is
how the world ought to be
how we know what is right and wrong
NL how the world ought to be
wrong is unnatural right is natural
NL ethical theory
no reference to explanation
NL moral knowledge
we can understand the world and figure out what is right
aguments against NL
is natural better?
cultural relativism
morality come from culture
5 claims of cultural relativism
different socieites different moral codes, if society says action is right it is right, no universal truth of ethics,no seacil status one in many,tolerance of other cultures
cultual differences argument
when morals are differnt there is a disagreement of facts not about the norms involved
3 arguments against cultural relativism
cannot judge cultural practices like racism,we cannot judge our own practices as wrong,
moral progress is faulty
simple subjectivism, emotivism