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Define Argument
A set of statements in which one or more are claimed to provide support for or give reasons to believe another statement. A premise(reason) and a conclusion
Define validity
The reasons given are all true and thus the conclusion must be true
Define deduction
An argment that is intended to be true. The reasons given garantee the truth
Define Induction
An argument that is intended to provide strong support for the conclusion. The truth of the conclusion is probable
Define Metaethics
A form of ethics that considers general questions about the nature of morality and about the meaning of moral concepts
Define normative ethics
Considers questions about what one ought or should do
Define psychological egoism
View that all men are selfish in everyting that they do, That self-interest is the reason they are acting
Define ethnical egotism
A view of how men out to act. Regardless of how men do in fact behave, they have no obligation to do anything except what is in their own interest.
Define ethical relativism
Subjectivism: Thinking/believing
If subjectivism is true there would be no false moral judgement
Conventional ethnical relativism: no longer criticise other cultures
All moral judgements are a matter of human opinion
Something is right and its actually being right
no ethnical debates
No false moral judgement
Each individual determines what is right or wrong
Conventional Ethnical Relativism
Cultural Differences Argument
Morality is socially constructed and is relative to a society or culture
Ethnical Objectivism
The view that there are objective moral principles denial of relativism
Deontological Ethnics
We have absolute duties that are not affected by consequences
Doing what is right is intrinsic
The rightness or wrongness of an act is based on an actions consequence