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_______ is the largest organ in the body
List the 3 layers of skin
1. Epidermis
2. Dermis
3. Hypodermis
What are the functions of skin ?
* a barrier
* sensory functions
* thermoregulation
* vitamin D Synthesis
* absorption
list skin appendages
The epidermis is a 1.___ ____ ___ ___ consisting of four distinct 2. ___ types and 3. ___ distinct layers.
1. keratinized stratified squamous epithelium
2. cell
3. 5
The epidermis is ______ and depends on ______ of nutrients from below
All bones are made up of______and______ bone tissues.
compact and spongy
Bones tissues are amde of a hard__________, with cells scattered around.
calcified matrix
Constant remodeling of bone structure is necessary to...
repair micro-fractures due to stress
make the majority of the bone cells and do not secrete bone matrix
the destruction of bone matrix is celled...
bone resorption
Organic and mineral mix
bone matrix
Secretes collagen fibers
The job of the osteoblasts is to pump______and______ions into the matrix space and pump____out of the matrix spce.
calcium, phophate, H+
Secretes H+ into the matrix environment creating an acidic mediumof pH 4
Osteoclasts also secrete________to dissolve collagen
acid phosphate
Can increase the recruitment and the activity of asteoblasts and osteoclasts
parathyroid hormone (PTH)
Tends to increase the recruitment of osteoclasts, and also plas a part in the mineralization of bone matrix
Vitamin D