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When a technician enters a coustomer's home, who is that technician?
Who do you work for?
List five things that the costomer expects from a technician.
Prompt, Courteous, Friendly, Knowledgeable, Look Professional.
If you don't know how to solve a problem, what can you tell the costomer without necessarily indicating that you have no clue what's wrong?
Get back to your van and call your supervisor for information, then explain to the customer.
Why is selling important?
We need the money!
Some of Time Warner's programming prices are negotiated bases on the number of what?
What is the difference between a feature and a benefit?
Benefit is "what's in it for me?"
Features is something we offer.
When it comes to selling, what advantage do you have over the CSR?
We're in their homes to see what the customers intrests are so we could use it for our selling advantage.
Why do cable companies put a variety of channels into one package?
A cable TV plant is meant to be what type of system?
What are system-operating levels based on?
The FCC, Divisional or Corprate system design specifications.
What are the 3 paths that the RF signal travels?
Return, analog forward, digital foward.
What does FDC stand for?
Forward Data Carrier
What does RDC stand for?
Return Data Carrier
What are the four guidelines for calculating signal levels?
Size, Type of cable, length of run, current temperature (hot or cold day).
What is the minimum test equipment a technician needs to properly troubleshoot the CATV system?
Signal Level Meter (SLM), VOM
What does "Divide and Eliminate," mean?
Dividing the system into sections and then eliminate the problem by troubleshooting the problem if the system is working properly in that section.
What causes beats?
Ingress or defective equipment, improper bonded drop, or ingress coming in on the AC power cord.
What causes Co-channel?
Signals being picked up off the air and the master telecommunications center. To high of a signal level.
What causes Hearing Bone Beats?
AFT is incorrectly aligned or if the internal TV alignment needs adjustment.