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Six muscles that span length of pharynx
superior, middle, and inferior constrictors, salpingopharyngeus, palatopharyngeus (X), and stylopharyngeus (IX)
the three areas of the pharynx
nasal pharynx, oral pharynx, and laryngeal pharynx
four layers of pharynx
visceral, muscular, fibrous, mucous
which muscle is not innervated by X
stylopharyngeus (IX)glossopharyngeal
located near auditory canal
nerve supply to pharynx
IX, X, V2 and sympathetic fibers from cervical ganglion
area of anterior nose bleed
Kiesselbach’s area ( 5 arteries converge )
The Isthmus contents
A collection of lymphoid tissue, called the pharyngeal tonsil is present in the roof of this area
Torus Tubarius
Tube is directed forward, medially and downward
Posterior margin of the tube forms an elevation, called the tubal elevation (Torus Tubarius)
Posterior 1/3 runs in the temporal bone
opens auditory tube when swallowing
The tensor veli palatini (V)
Elevates soft palate in swallowing and yawning.
The levator veli palatini (X)muscle is attached to cartilage of tube & petrous portion temporal bone superiorly & soft palate inferiorly.
salpingopharyngeal fold
salpingopharyngeus muscle is attached to the lower margin of the tube, and produces a vertical fold in the mucous membrane called
parts of mouth
Labial frenulum

Palatine tonsil
Palatopharyngeal arch
Tonsils lie between folds
muscles of floor of mouth
Anterior belly Digastric, Geniohyoid, Mylohoid
external muscles of tongue
Styloglossus (CN XII), Hyoglossus (CNXII), Genioglossus (CNXII), Palatoglossus (CNX)