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etiology of scarlet fever
Grp A strep infected with phage that induces production of erythrogenic toxin
clinical signs of scarlet fever
strawberry tongue
desquamation of skin
clinical signs of strep pharyngitis
pain on swallowing
focal yellow exudates
post strep sequelae
acute rheumatic fever
acute glomerulonephritis
pathogenic mechanism of post strep sequelae
strep pyogenes characteristics
gram positive cocci
hemolysis on SBA
sensitive to bacitracin
strep pyogenes is uses what kind of respiration
facultative anaerobe
strep pyogenes is sensitive to what antibiotic
important strep pyogenes structural virulence factors
peptidoglycan layer
fibrils consisting of lipoteichoic acid and M protein
strep pyogenes attach to what in the respiratory tract
mucosal epithelial cells via fibrils
strep pyogenes is plated on what type of medium
sheep blood agar
two types of rapid strep tests
rapid latex agglutination
enzyme immunosorbent assay
% of positives that are really positive
% of negatives that are really negative
formula for sensitivity
true pos/(true pos+false neg)
formula for specificity
true neg/(true neg+false pos)
formula for PPV
true pos/(true pos+false pos)
formula for NPV
true neg/(true neg+false neg)
tx of strep pharyngitis
penicillin G for 10 days
macrolides (erythromycin) or cephalosporin
tx failures in strep pharyngitis is usually caused by
beta-lactamase copathogen that protects strep
early tx (before day 2) causes what
increased reinfection
reasons early tx of pharyngitis causes an increase in reinfection
lack of Ig development
less tissue penetration with antiobiotic
diptheria usually effects what population
infants and children
diptheria is transmitted by
air droplets
severe cases of diptheria can cause
peripheral vascular collapse and death
clinical signs of diptheria
pseudomembrane formation
neck swelling (bull neck)
corynebacterium diptheria characteristics
club shaped appearance
stain for corynebacterium diptheria
methylene blue
odor associated with corynebacterium diptheria
garlic odor
virulence of diptheria is produced by what
an AB toxin
MOA of diptheria toxin
blocks protein synthesis by ribosylating EF2
tx of diptheria
prevention of diptheria
immunize with toxoid (DTap)
2 main bacterial causes of pharyngitis
strep pyogenes
corynebacterium diptheria