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superior pharyngeal constrictor: origin
pterygomandibular raphe
superior pharyngeal constrictor: course
superior pharyngeal constrictor: insertion
median raphe of pharyngeal aponeurosis
superior pharyngeal constrictor: function
pulls pharyngeal wall forward and constrict pharyngeal diameter

also assists in effecting velopharyngeal seal by the muscules of the salpingopharyngeus
passavant's pad
landing pad for the soft palate

when present, it is a pad of muscle at the posterior paryngeal wall

assists in effecting a seal with the soft palate

appears to develop as a compensatory activity
middle pharyngeal constrictor: origin
horns of hyoid bone
middle pharyngeal constrictor: course
up and back
middle pharyngeal constrictor: insertion
median pharyngeal raphe
middle pharyngeal constrictor: function
narrows diameter of pharynx
criopharyngeus: origin
cricoid cartilage
cricopharyngeus: course
cricopharyngeus: insertion
orifice of esophagus
cricopharyngeus: function
constricts superior orifice of esophagus and forms muscular orifice of esophagus which is an important muscle for SWALLOWING
thyropharyngeus: origin
thyroid cartilage
thyropharyngeus: course
up and back
thyropharyngeus: insertion
middle pharyngeal raphe
thyropharyngeus: function
reduces the diameter of lower pharynx
fibers intermingle with superior constrictor to assist with elevation of pharyngeal wall
assists in elevation of pharynx