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Two Types of Drugs
1. Legend Drugs
2. OTC Drugs
Licensed prescribers include
the physician, dentist, vet, podiatrist, physician’s assistant and nurse practitioners
Who may receive a telephone prescription from the legal prescribers
Only a licensed pharmacist or a pharmacy intern
Pharmacy techs may not transcribe telephone orders directly from the prescriber but may record
authorized refill information
3 Parts Of The Prescription Order
1. Prescriber Information
2. Patient Information
3. Medication Information
Brand or Trade Name is designated by
superscript ®
Who may use the trade/brand name of the drug
the patent holder
If the brand or trade name is desired they would write
If DAW is not written then what will be dispensed?
the generic equivalent
Generic substitution must be sold at a higher or lower price?
Auxiliary Labels must not cover any of the
prescription label
What shows proper user, handling, storage, or refill status
Auxiliary Labels
Authorized refills must be indicated on the prescription for Non-Controlled Drugs or Controlled Drugs?
Non-Controlled Drugs
No refill information on it indicates that there are how many refills?
In Institutional Practice what contains the medication orders and other instructions for patient care such as diet, therapy orders, required labs, and diagnosis
Physician orders
Medications are commonly repackaged into unit-dose medications in these two situations
either a specific dose is not commercially available or if bulk repackaging is cost effective
Anytime a brand drug is repacked, either in its original dosage form or is altered in strength i.e. broken in half on the manufacture’s scored lint, the drug is not considered what type of drug?
generic drug
Repackaged Log must be reviewed by whom?
a licensed pharmacist
Repackaged Log must show what to indicate that it was reviewed?
a signature and date of review on the log
Most prescriptions are written using what type of abbreviations?
Pharmaceutical Latin is used in Pharmacy practice because… (3 things)
1. Acts as a common language worldwide
2. Provides a short hand method of writing
3. Reduces the possibility of tampering with the prescription
Pure drugs are often seldom administered alone. They are combined with active materials (inert) to produce what?
a pharmaceutical dosage form
What solid dosage form is the most popular form?
What solid dosage form must be in molecular form?
What are some of the advantages of tablets?
compactness, portability, accuracy, convenience and lack of taste
Where do tablets dissolve?
has to dissolve in the stomach before it can elicit its pharmacological effect
Can chewable tables be swallowed whole without chewing?
Which solid dosage form may never be chewed, broken or crushed prior to ingestion
Enteric-Coated Tablets
Which solid dosage form should not be taken with antacids
Enteric-Coated Tablets
Where do the Enteric-Coated Tablets dissolve?
in the stomach
In Sublingual Tablets large or small amounts of drugs are required
Sublingual Tablets are promptly absorbed into the...
blood stream
Which solid doasage form avoids the “first pass effect” in which it circulates throughout the body before it is broken down in the liver (metabolized)
Sublingual Tablets
What solid dosage form is used to protect sensitive drugs from deterioration due to light and air
Film-Coated Tablets
What solid dosage form is usually oval or discoid shaped
What solid dosage form is usually used for hormones and birth control
Where do capsules dissolve?
in the stomach
What are the size ranges of capsules?
Size ranges from 000 to 5.
What is the largest size of a capsule?
000 is the largest
What is the smallest size of a capsule?
5 is the smallest
What solid dosage form is used to eliminate objectionable tastes and odors or certain drugs
What solid dosage form is used to mask the taste of unpleasant, salty or bitter tasting medications
Effervescent Tablets
What system allows for less preparation time for nursing to administer medications and increase time for direct patient care
Unit dose drug distribution system
What packaging system allows for allows for sealed, sanitary, accurate medications to be dispensed to the patient
Unit dose packaging
What are the 3 Fundamental Elements in Unit Drug Distribution
1. Dispensed in single unit packages
2. Dispensed in ready to administer doses
3. only a 24 hour supply of medication is dispensed
What are the 6 advantages of Unit Drug Distribution?
1. Errors are reduced
2. Control over medications increase
3. Drug waste and pilferage is minimized
4. Nursing drug preparation and administration time is reduced
5. Billing is more accurate
6. Patient quality care is increased
What are the 3 Parts of unit dose drug distribution system
1. Centralized Unit Dose System
2. Decentralized Unit Dose System
3. Combination of centralized and decentralized
Medications are dispensed to the patient in ... that fits directly into the nurse’s medication administration cart
The cassettes must be exchanged
Who is usually responsible for this function and must know which nursing units to deliver the cassettes and the proper time for exchange.
The pharmacy technician
When exchanging cassettes the pharmacy technician must remove...
any non-unit dosed medications from the old cassette and place them in the new restocked cassette
All prescription medications are assigned what type of numbers by its manufacturer and must appear on each stock package
Product NDC Numbers
In Product NDC numbers the first 5 digits identify...
(Section 1)
the manufacturer
In Product NDC numbers the middle 4 identify...
(Section 2)
the product name, strength and dosage form
In Product NDC numbers the last 2 is...
(Section 3)
the package size
If it shows only the month and year then the drug expires...
the last day of that month
If a medication says it expires on 3/04 when will it expire?
midnight 3/31/2004