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Streptococcus viridians
-associated with native valve
Staph aureus
-IV drug abuse
-Acute onset presentation
Staph epidermidis (CNS)
-associated with prosthetic valves (early within 1st year)
Enterococcus resistance and treatment
cephalospoorin resistant

combo therapy PCN or vanc + aminoglycoside
Endocarditis gram - pathogens
coliforms (ecoli, klebsiella)
Endocarditis fungal pathogens
candida, aspergillus
Blood culture negative endocarditis is caused by this group
Murmurs with endocarditis
Strep viridans treatment
Penicillin 12-18 million units/day divided q4h x4 weeks
Strep viridans treatment allergic to penicillin
Mild allergy: ceftriaxone 2g IVPB q24h + gentamicin 1mg/kg IVPB q8h for first 2 weeks

Severe allergy: Vancomycin 30-40mg/kg/day q12h x4 weeks
Staph aureus treatment MSSA
Nafcillin 2g IVPB q4h x6 weeks + gentamicin 1mg/kg q8 x3-5days
MSSA mild allergy and severe allergy
mild: Cefazolin 2g IVPB q8h x6 wks + gentamicin 1mg/kg q8h x3-5days

severe: vanco 30-40mg/kg/day q12h x4-6 weeks
CNS treatment
Nafcillin 2g IVPM q4h + rifampin 300mg tid for >6wks + gentamicin 1mg/kg q8h x2weeks
CNS treatment (penicillin allergic or MRSE)
Vanco 30-40mg/kg/day q12h + rifampin 300mg tid for >6 weeks + gentamicin 1mg/kg q8h x2weeks
Denatal prophylactic regimens
Amoxicillin 2g PO 1hr b4 procedure

NO PO: ampicllin 2g IVPB x1 (30 min b4)

Clarithromycin or azithromycin 500mg PO 1hr b4 procedure

Clindamycin 600mg PO 1hr before procedure or IVPB 30 min b4 procedure if can't tolerate PO
GI/GU procedure prophylactic regimens
ampicillin 2g IVPB + gentamicin 1.5mg/kg IVPB preop(within 30mins); 6hr later, ampicillin 1g IVPB, or amoxicillin 1g PO

PCN allergic: Vancomycin 1g IVPB + gentamicin 1.5mg/kg IVPB preop (within 30mins)