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What is a bactericidal?
It kills bacteria usually by interfering with cell synthesis
What is a Bacteriostatic?
It inhibits cell growth and multiplication by interfering with protein synthesis.
What 4 things can affect a drugs stability?
Time, heat, light and exposure to oxygen.
What is R-factor?
Resistance is due to plasmids and the R-factor plasmids are able to be passed onto future generations of bacteria and to other strains of bacteria.
What three tools can be used to select the appropriate antibiotic?
Clinic experience, Gram stain and Culture and Sensitivity.
What is the MIC?
The Minimum Inhibitory Concentration. The smallest amout of an antibiotic needed that will kill or inhibit the organism.
What is an antagonistic effect?
The drugs together have less of an affect then when used alone. Cidal + Static.
What is an additive effect?
The effect of both drugs is equal to their effects alone. Static + Static.
What is a Synergistic effect?
The effect of both drugs is increased when used together. Cidal + Cidal.
What makes up clavamox?
Amoxicillin + Clavulanate potassium
What does Penicillinase do?
It destroys the beta lactam ring of the penicillin molecule. This allows the bacteria to be resistant to penicillin.
Are tetracyclines static or cidal?
What are three possible toxic side effects from aminoglycosides?
Nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity and neuromuscular problems.
Are penicillins static or cidal?
What's the penicillin that the first important modification was made to?
Penicillin V.
What organism are aminoglycosides effective against?
Pseudomas, Gram -.
Why would you avoid giving fluoroquinolones to young animals?
It can damage the cartilage and affect their development.
What two macrolides are painful if injected IM?
Erythromycin and tylosin.
What are sulfonamides affect against?
Protozoa - coccidia.
It's an intestional parasite.
What drug would you choose to use for an UTI?
Sulfonamide, it's excreted in it's active form.
What chloramphenical is used for humans?
Florphenical - Nuflor (R).
Why do you give amphotericin every other day?
It has a long half-life, it takes a long time to metabolize it.
What two antifungals have a delayed onset of action?
Ketoconizole and Itraconazole.
What drug should not be given with Amphotercin B (R)?