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Nitazoxanide Indications?
diarrhea caused by giardiasis or cryptospyridium parvum in kids
Nitazoxanide MOA
Interferes with pyruvate:ferredoxin oxyreductase
Nitazoxanide is converted to?
Who uses nitazoxanide?
Kids cause it tastes better
Methylprednisolone MOA
Inhib of prostaglanding synthesis
SE of sudden glucocorticoid w/drawal
acute renal insuff, diabetes, osteoporosis, muscle wasting and stunted growth in kids
Inhibs leukotriene and PG synthesis, decreases neutrophil chemotaxis
5-ASA (sulfasalazine)used for?
Used in UC and Crohn's to cause remission and for long-term tx
Infliximab MOA
binds (inhibs) TNF-alpha. Inflicts tnf-alpha
Quinine MOA
Quinine MOA
Schizonticide and Gametocide
Quinine schizonticide effects which malaria?
Quinine gametocide effects which malaria?
vivax and ovale
quinine contra's
people w/ auditory/visual disturbs and not w/ mefloquine
Clyndamycin MOA
binds 50s and inhibs protien synth
Clindamycin used for
strep, staph, pneumococci and erythrocyte schizonts w/ quinine
Albuterol MOA
Beta2 agonist on bronchiolar SM to cause bronchodilation
Blocks mycolic acid synthesis
What is mycolic acid
main component of MYCOBACTERIAL cell envelope
Isoniazid is used for
TB. It is the best drug for susceptible strains of TB.
MOA Cimetidine
H2 Receptor antag
H2 antags do what
block histamine, gastrin and Ach effect on Hcl stim
Contra for Cimetidine
Renal insuff
SE of Cimetidine
Hallucinations, blocks p450 and gynecomastia
Pantoprazole MOA
Pantoprazole effect reversible or not?
Pantoprazole indications
gerd, PUD, and NSAID associated ulcers
Pantoprazole contra's
Gastric Cancer
SE Pantoprazole
increases gastrin
Clarythromycin MOA
Binds 50s = no growth.
Clarithromycin indications
H. pylori, H. influenzae, Mycobacterium, Lyme, and Leprosy
SE Clarithro
GI disturbs
Amoxicillin MOA
Blocks peptidoglycan synth
Indications Amoxicillin
S. pyogenes, H. influenzae, bronchitis, pneumonia, E. coli UTI, Gonorrhea
Blocks mAch recptor in enteric plexus to reduce spasms
Indications of Hyoscyamine
Pain and diarrhea associated w/ IBS
Psyllium is a?
Bulk-forming laxative
Effects of psyllium?
Absorb H20, distend colon and promote peristalsis
Psyllium is for those who lack what in their diet?
Vecuronium is a?
Muscle relaxor
Vecuronium MOA?
Blocks Ach at end-plate
Isoflurane is a?
At what point in surgery is isoflurane used?
At the start for general anesthesia
Fentanyl is an?
Analgesic - an opiod agonist.
Fentanyl MOA
µ-opiod receptor agonist, inhibit adenylate cyclase to prevent afferent signals
Bismuth Subsalicylate MOA
Reduces PGE2 which reduces GI cl- loss, chelates ulcers, binds toxins. Metab'd to salicylic acid in stom.
SE Bismuth Sub
Nausea, vomiting, heartburn, diarrhea
Contra for bisumuth sub
Renal probs becuase low PGE2 lowers renal blood flow
SE Bismuth sub
Black stools and black tongue if taken for a long time
Loperamide's trade name is?
Loperamide MOA?
opiod receptor agonist that increases the colonic phase and diminishes gastrocolic reflex.
Indication for Imodium?
SE of Imodium?
Metronidazole MOA
Damages parasite DNA and inhibits nuceic acid synthesis
Indications of Metro
amoebiasis of liver or intestine
Contra's of metro
pregnancy or alcohol