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What is the antiinflammatory MOA of NSAIDS?
NSAIDS inhibit cyclooxygenase, the enzyme that synthesizes prostaglandins
Competes with PG at tissue receptor sites
Inhibits release of lysosomal enzymes that destroy tissue
inhibit neutrophil aggretation to inflamed tissue
What is the analgesic MOA?
Inhibit synthesis of PG thereby decreasing sensitivity of peripheral px receptors
Prevent interference of PG with pathways that inhibit px signal transmission
What is the antipyretic MOA?
Acts within CNS on heat regulating ctr in hypothalmus causing vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels and loss of body heat
Are NSAIDS well or poorly absorbed?
Very well
How are NSAIDS eliminated and excreted?
Eliminated by liver, excreted by kidneys
What are the GI related A/E related to NSAID use?
GI inflammation, bleeding, ulceration or perforation
How would one treat the GI a/e of NSAIDS?
Histamine antagonists
proton pump inhibitors
What are the renal a/e associated with NSAID use?
decreased renal blood flow resulting in renal problems
Watch serum Cr, BUN. peripheral edema/wt gain
What are the hematologic a/e associated with NSAID use?
impaired platelet aggregation
Aplastic anemia and agranulocytosis
What are the CNS a/e associated with NSAID use?
in elderly confusion, memory loss, psychosis, lgihtheadedness
What is Reye's syndrome?
Vomiting and lethargy, seen more in young children
Fatty degeneration of liver and enecphalopathy also occurrs
Are NSAIDS recommended for use during pregnancy/lactation?
No. Acetaminophen is the best agent for short term use in pregnancy.
How is acetaminophen different from the MOA of NSAIDS?
It works by opposing impuleses peripherally (NSAIDs work centrally).
Has no effect on platelets or GI irritation
OD-> hepatotoxicity