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What makes laxatives especially dangerous

a) deadly adverse effects
b) hi dependency
c) no risk, they are perfectly safe
hi dependency

Stimulant laxatives increase peristalsis via indirect effect on intestinal smooth muscle

DIRECT effect on intestinal smooth muscle

also- promote fluid accumulation in SI/Colon

bulk laxatives are safer than stimulant laxatives
True - bc nothing will kill you
list the 4 types of laxativs
bulk- safest
saline- dangerous
lubricant- least popular
Bulk laxative

a) magnesium salts
b) mineral oil
c) biscodyl (biscolax)

Mg Salts - saline
mineral oil - lub
biscodyl (biscolax) - stimulant

bulk lax
Ca polycarbophil (mitrolan)
methylcellulose (cologel)
Saline laxative work via which mechanism?

a) create barrier between colon/feces
b) osmosis- draw water into SI
c) increase moisture content of stool
d) directly increase peristalsis

osmotically draw water into SI
may cause ab cramping and electrolyte disturbance
Can be dangerous if not overhydrated!!!
Mg Salts
Laxative most likely to decrease absorption of nutrients and fat soluble vitamins
lubricant laxatives- increase water retention in stool by creating a barrier between colon wall and feces to prevent reabsorption

Mineral Oils
Stimulant Laxative

a) mineral oil
b) castor oil
c) milk of Mg
castor oil

cascara sagrada
laxative that can cause strictures if taken without appropriate water
bulk lax

Ca++ Polycarbophil
your px has a black tongue, why is asking about recent episodes of diarrhea a good idea?
pepto bismol will darken the tongue
antidiarrheal that acts by increasing smooth muscle tone in the GI

a) Pepto Bismol
b) lomotil
c) kaopectate
d) imodium

side effects of opiates
a px with diarrhea and a history of opiate addiction should not take

a) Pepto Bismol
b) lomotil
c) kaopectate
d) imodium

take imodium instead
in addition to absorbing xs water in the stool, nutrients may be absorbed and fecal impactions may occure

a) Pepto Bismol
b) lomotil
c) kaopectate
d) imodium

lomotil = lo motility
loperidine (imodium) = lo peristalsis
pepto bismol = binding, black
powerful that inhibits peristalsis and prolongs transit of stool

a) Pepto Bismol
b) lomotil
c) kaopectate
d) imodium
loperidine (imodium)
Anti-emetics may mask symptoms of ______ _________ __________
intestinal obstruction (reverse peristalsis)
brain tumors

esp: bucladin-s, marezine, dramamine
which of the following would be the primary reason why an MD may not prescribe buclizine HCl (bucladin-s)

a) constipation
b) ab pain
c) urinary retention
urinary retention

also causes- drowsiness, dry mouth, HA, blurry, and
Masks symptoms of ototoxicity, intestinal obstruction, brain tumor
antiemetic that may also cause auditory and visual hallucinations in addition to general effects

a) cylclazine HCl (Marezine)
b) dimenhydrinate (dramamine)
c) HCl (raglan)
antiemetic who's adverse effects require 3 days for onset and 3 days for remissions

a) diphenidol Hcl (Vontrol)
b) HCl (raglan)
c) prochloperazine (compazine)
diphenidol HCl (vontrol)

may cause sleep disturbance, hallucination, disorientation, hypotension, urticaria, ht burn

HCl (raglan) works as selective antagonist against 5HT3 seratonin receptors

HCl- raglan blocks dopamine receptors

Zofran- works as selective antagonist against 5HT3 seratonin receptors
Prochloperazine (Compazine) supresses NV but may cause which prominent adverse effects?
Psycho effects & extrapyramidal symptoms
sedation, orthostatic hypotension

urinary retention, gynecomastia, inhibited ejaculation, dermatitis, jaudice
derivative of Marijuana used for chemo patients w anorexia and NV
dronabinol (marinol)

may cause ataxia, dizzy, disorientation, memory loss, muddled thinking, visual disorientation, tachycardia, otho hypotention
antiemetic that may cause extrapyramidal symptoms, hypertension, prolactin secretion, and loss of labido

a) prochloperazine (compazine)
b) HCl (raglan)
c) diphenidol Hcol (vontrol)
prochloperazine (compazine)
HCl (raglan)