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Study of interactions of chemicals other than foods with living systems
Mechanisms of drug action
Absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of drugs.
Use of drugs, which ideally have littel effect on the host but destroy or retard the growht of invading cells and organisms
Focuses on method of action of unwanted effects of drugs in humans during drug product development
safety pharmacology
Study of harmful effects of poisons, environmental and industrial chemicals and drugs on the humam body
Study of all aspects of drugs, emphasizing manufacture, compounding, dispensing of drugs, or emphasizing therapeutic management of drug treatment of patients
What are the different types of drug names?
Chemical name, generic name (known thru world no matter manufacturer designated by AMA and WHO), official name - usually same as generic, and trade name (name given by particular manufacturer).

A drug can have many different trade names.
Phase I
Tolerance, kinetics, dynamics, interactions
Phase II
Efficacy, dose, metabolism
Phase III
Broad clinical trial for safety and efficacy
Phase IV
Post-marketing surveillance, adverse reactions, additional indications discovered
Under this policy, patients with a condition like AIDS that prevents them from participating in controlled clinical trials can receive investigational drugs shown in preliminary studies to be promising
Parallel Track