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A patient has HIV and you want to prescribe a drug that binds directly to the enzyme nucleotide-reverse transcriptase. Which is the DOC?
Remember this drug induces P450 CYP3A4
Which of the nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors causes pancreatitis?
Remember to shut off if lactic acidosis or hepatoxicity occurs
I say Buffalo hump, abdominal fat, thin face, Stevens Johnson
You say HIV Protease inhibitors, Ritonavir, Atazanavir, Tripranavir, Saquinavir
CYP3A4, increases bioavailability of other drugs.
Which drug is the DOC for the HIV protease inhibitors?
No cross resistance,
Once a day administration
Less effect on lipoproteins
Which drug binds to the gp41 subunit of the HIV viral envelope?
Fusion inhibitor, no cross resistance, given by subcutaneous injection.
Which antifungal drug discussed is the DOC for systemic fungal infxns?
Amphotericin B
All of the Azoles effect the P450 system except for this one
Which antifungal is the DOC for aspergillosis?
Which antifungal is the best for CNS penetration when Amphotericin B has failed?
Which of the antifungals causes gynecomastia
This drug interacts with ergosterol in the cell membrane of a fungus and is a pro-drug to another drug often used in cancer treatment
Flucytosine converts to 5FU
Which antifungal accumulates in the keratin and takes a long time to work?
Which of the OTC onychomycosis agents is known to be hepatotoxic?
What is the name of the drug that blocks ergosterol synthesis and is used in vaginal candidiasis?
What is the DOC for thrush?
Which drug do you give for Aspergillosis if Voriconazole has failed?
This drug plus Amphotericin B produces supra-additive effects in certain infections
Which one of the antifungals is known to be extremely nephrotoxic and possibly hepatoxic as well?
Amphotericin B
Which antifungal is known to cause significant bone marrow suppression and anemia
Which antifungal causes porphyria?
I cause lymphocytes to lyse and have a very broad effect and should be given in a pulsatile fashion
I am a calcineurin inhibitor and cause gingival hyperplasia
I am the DOC for organ transplant maintenance and I also am known to cause significant insomnia.
I am the mammalian target of rhabdomycin and I block the T-cells from responding to IL-2
I am a cell proliferation inhibitor and I am known to be severely toxic to bone marrow, causing anemia and leukopenia.
I am famous for being able to put out a fire in the immune system after T-cells have already established a response to a foreign organ
I am selective for T & B cells and I inhibit purine synthesis enzyme inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase.
Mycophenolate Mofetil
I inhibit purine synthesis and am selective for T& B cells plus cause a severe rash as a side effect.
Mycophenolate Mofetil
Of the two drugs we need to know that target T cells and are calcinurin inhibitors, I should not be taken with grapefruit juice and you should monitor me if I am being taken with an ACE or ARB.
I block the production of TNF alpha and am a category X drug
I am a calcineurin inhibitor which means I am selective for T-cells. I'm interesting because I should not be taken with food and am very neurotoxic
I am an antibody immuno suppressor and I block IL2 on activated T-cells, have an extremely long half life and am used in kidney transplants.
If you want to use me its a good idea to pre-treat with prednisone because I am known to cause cytokine release syndrome.
Muromonab CD3
I'm made from horses and rabbits and am an IgG antibody
Lymphocyte immune Globulin (AtGam)
I am used to treat relapsing and remitting Multiple sclerosis
Beta Seron B1b
If you use me to stimulate T-B-and NK cells I should be in the hospital because I am gonna have a ton of problems
You will want to get my help when a patient has renal cell carcinoma or malignant melanoma
Interleukin 2
I'm an immunomodulator and I cause significant blood clots and hypertension while I try to fix your anemia from chemo
You will want to use me when you have a Neutropenia from a stem cell transplant or chemo and man do I ever hurt your bones. You will hate me.
G-CSF (Neupogen)
I work on IL-11 and I prevent chemo induced thrombocytopenia so you won't need to give platelets. While I'm helpful in this respect I also cause fluid retention and have been known to cause a dilutional anemia.
I'm used to stimulate Macrophages, B-cells, T-cells, and NK cells plus I cause severe hypotension.
I'm a Calcineurin inhibitor and you will need to up my dose when you are taking phenytoin or rifampin because I share CYP3A with those guys.
If you are taking erythromycin, ketoconazole, grapefruit juice and verapamil you will need to decrease my dose because I inhibit CYP3A. Hint I am a calcineurin inhibitor.
These drugs are in the immuno lecture and are absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy
Mycophenolate Mofetil
I inhibit viral uncloaking and am known to cause some dopaminergic CNS symptoms (hallucinations, psychosis, parkinsonian)
I am the DOC for influenza and I'm also a neuraminidase inhibitor.
I'm the neuraminidase inhibitor for nasal delivery and also cause a host of nasal and respiratory side effects and should not be given to COPD patients
I'm the DOC for RSV and I am category X teratogenic
I am the DOC for Herpes and I am a guanosine analogue that makes use of the viral thymidine kinase.
I am OTC and I work on cold sores by not allowing viral fusion. Who am I?
I work on CMV and Herpes and I'm a guanosine analogue that inhibits viral DNA polymerase.
This drug is given for resistant herpes/CMV via intravenous infusion and can be highly nephrotoxic, teratogenic and cause hypocalcemia.
I cause terrible flu-like symptoms and am the DOC for Hep C given via PEG injection often with Ribavirin
Interferon alpha 2b
I am a reverse transcriptase inhibitor often given to HIV patients. I can also be used to fight Hep B and am a cytosine analogue often combined with zidovudine
I am given with interferon to fight Hep C and am Category X teratogenic.
I am often given for CMV/Herpes prophylaxis in transplant patients, immunocompromised or for CMV retinitis. I also cause a Neutropenia
I am an HIV nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor that has been shown to cause pancreatitis.
I am a dTp analogue and I inhibit viral reverse transcriptase. I am given during pregnancy to HIV mothers to reduce possibility of transmission to the fetus.
The category of HIV drugs that should be stopped immediately if lactic acidosis or hepatoxicity is noted.
Nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors
I am the DOC for treatment of HIV in naive patients and am given with Emcitrabine. Plus I may make you fart and throw up.
I am the DOC NON-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor and I induce CYP3A4 P450 system and am extremely teratogenic. (Category X)
You might think I'm a corticosteroid from my buffalo hump, fat tummy, but NO! You are wrong! I am a category of drugs used to treat HIV.
HIV Protease inhibitors
I am the DOC HIV protease inhibitor and can be given once a day and have less lipid problems than others in my class
I am an HIV protease inhibitor that really junks it up with the CYP34A system and shouldn't be taken with drugs like amiodarone or benzos or meperidine.
I am the only HIV drug mentioned in class to Bind gp41 and serve as a Fusion inhibitor. Another cool thing about me is there seems to be no cross resistance to my magical pharmacological powers.
Enfuvirtide (Fuzeon)