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nursing intervention for antineoplastic agent in general and with doxorubicin
-blood test to monitor bone marrow function
-monitor cardiac and respiratory fx as well clotting times
-protect exposure inf
-keep pt hydrated
-small frequent meals
-proper head covering
management nausea and vomiting with antineoplastic agents
-give antiemetic agent prior treatment
-make sure environment accepting
-mouth care ice chips
-antihistamines to decrease secretions
-corticosteroids: relieve inflammation
-keep pt hydrated
stages drug development
preclinical- tested animals
phase 1- human volunteers
phase 2 - pts that have disease
phase 3- vast clinical market
phase 4- continual evaluation
safety of OTC drugs
take as prescribed
-tell what OTC's your taking
-may mask s & s of disease
how drug affects body
replace or act as substitutes
-increase or stimulate certain cell activities
-to depress or slow cellular activities
- to interfere with fxing of foreign cell
receptor theory
agonist interaction- binds to receptor site and produces effect
-competitive agonist- drug blocks site so others can't bind
-noncompetitive antagonism - attaches to different site, but still prevents other drug to bind
half life calculation
time it takes for the amount of drug in body to decrease to one half of the peak level it once achieved
-20 mg half life two hours: 10 mg remain 2 hours: 5 remain 4 hours
adult dosage
based on 150 lb person
interactions with herbal supplements
st johns wort interact with oral contraceptives, digoxin, SSRI, theophylline, antineoplastic, antiviral
-with PROZAC serious side effects and toxic reactions
rights med admin
drug, storage, route, dose, prep, time, recording
childs dose
based on wt, age, or BSA
pt teaching for anti-infective agent
only use drug for infection its prescribed for
-take as prescribed full number of days and dose
culture and sensitivity
should be done before anti-infective agent given
-if inf serious drug given before organism identified
prevents growth bacteria
most serious side effect antimicrobial drug
toxic effect kidneys
kills bacteria directly
broad spectrum
affects many organisms
narrow spectrum
affects specific organisms
broad spectrum anti-infective meds
interfere with biochem reactions in many dif kinds of microorg
Iv meds for CMV
foscarnet (foscavir)
cidofovir (vistide)
don't run out of drug
-use barrier contraceptives
-no breastfeeding
take safety precautions
-change position slowly
-avoid driving and hazardous tasks
-take drug with meals
-report blurring of vision, loss hearing
shouldn't be combined with alcohol three days after treatment
-take with small meal
anthelmentic agent
safety precaution
-take small meal
-importance of strict handwashing and hygiene
-daily laundering
assessment prior to administering systemic antifungal agent
history allergy to antifungal
-history of liver or renal dysfunction
-do not give if preg or breastfeeding
-physical assessment to get baseline
-collect data
-culture of infected area
amphotercin B
can be used during preg not lactation
-available IV form ONLY
-may take 6 months of treatment
-monitor Iv site, renal and hepatic level
-not faster than one hour
-dont give if trough over 20
-cause red man syndrome
-reserved for very special situation
interaction for FLUCONAZOLE
avoid with
oral hypoglycemic
oral anticoagulant
assessment for pt with protozoal inf
don't give if preg or lactating
-dont give with CNS disease
-cadidiasis can become severe
adverse effect
headache pruitis
dizzy hepatic dysfx
fever visual ch
shaking ototoxicity
chills malaise
n/v rash
adverse effect
abdominal discomfort
diarrhea pain
don't give childen under 2
adverse effect
black box warning
risk ototoxicity nephrotoxicity
confusion depression
numbness tingling
bone marrow depression
GI effect cardiac effects
toxic effect on GI tract
CNS effects
headache dizzy
altered mental status
prototype drug to treat pinworm
peak and trough level
trough is the lowest drug level thats needed to reach therapeutic range (draw 30 mins before)