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DSM-IV Criteria for Dependence
Three or more of the following: Tolerance, withdrawal, taking more than intended, persistant desire, use even when you know it is a problem
DSM-IV criteria for Abuse?
1 or more of following: Recurrent use resulting in , failure of roles, physical hazards, legal problems, continued use even with problems
Theory behind dependence and abuse as a disease?
Related to release of DA in mesolimbic projections, with chronic use you get neuroadaptions
Cocaine pharmacokinetics?
Rapid absorption and short acting, acute ffects last 30 min
Cocaine MOA?
Blocks nerve conduction, vasoconstricter, blocks uptake of 5-HT, DA, NE by blocking transporter
Cocaine dependence?
Due to DA release in VTA-NA
Cocaines patterns of abuse?
Bnge and crash, taken IV using salt and smoked as a base
Cocaine Effects?
Euphoria arousal, sympathomimetic, tolerance and sensitization can occur
Cocaine Toxicity
Hyperactivity, symp activation, death from MI, Stroke, Arrhythmias, seizures
Cocaine Withdrawal?
Time limited, anxiety, agitation, fatigue, peaks at 2-4 days
Treatment for cocaine?
Toxicity: propranolol, diazepam
Withdrawal: Detox
Medical uses of amphetamines?
Obesity, narcalepsy, ADHD
Pharmacokinetics of amphetamines?
oral, intranasal, smoked of IV, Action is 4-6 hrs,
Cocaine plus Alcohol?
Cocaethyline, potentiates effects of cocaine
Patterns of abuse of amphetamines?
Smoked and IV similar to cocaine, perscription to study
Amphetamines MOA?
Blocks Monoamine transporter and also causes release of monoamines
Amphetamines Effects?
Arousal euphoria, well-being, tacchycardia, hypertension, bronchodilation
Amphetamines Toxicity?
Same as cocaine, Death via hyperpyrexia, MI, nerve degeneration
Amphetamines Withdrawal?
Like cocaine, fatigue, depression, time limited
(MDMA), amphetamine effects and hallucinatory efects(mescaline),
involves DA and 5-HT,
MDMA intoxication?
Emotional closeness, empathy, mild hallucination, 5-HT neurotoxicity
Morphine and codeine derived from?
Opium, they are opioids
Heroine, hydromorphone derived from?
semi-synthetic opiods
Symbolized dramatic increase in abuse of pain meds
Opioid medical uses?
Pain, cough suppression, anti-diarrheal
Pharmacokinetics of Heroin?
Metabolized to morphine
Opioid MOA?
Mu, kappa and delta receptors
Opioid patterns of abuse?
Oral, SubQ, Smoking, snorting, IV, tolerance and dependence, effects last 3-5 hrs, withdrawal in 10 hrs
Effects of heroin?
euphoria, relaxation, pschomotor relaxation, miosis, respiratory depression
Heroin Toxicity?
Miosis, respiratory depression, bradycardia, hypotension, pulminary edema
Heroin Withdrawal?
Not medically complicted
Heroin withdrawal symptoms?
Anxiety, dysphoria, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, mydriasis
Opioid antagonist, For treatment of overdose, short half life
Opioid antagonist, For treatment of overdose
Dose tapering regimen for detox, also used as substitution therapy
Partial Mu agonist, can be prescibed by doctor
Clonidine in Opioid withdrawal?
Alpha2 agonist, blocks autonomic hyperactivity in withdrawal
Opioid antagonist with long half life, poor compliance, used to prevent relapse
Dronabinol, uses?
THC preparation, NV from chemo, Glaucoma, wasting related to AIDS
THC activates cannabinoid receptors, CB1 in brain, G-protein linked,
THC patterns of abuse?
Smoked(2-4 hr duration), oral(6-8 hr duration)
THC effects?
Sense of well being, friendliness, tacchycardia, conjunctival injection(red), Dry mouth, hypothermia
THC toxicity?
Panic, Delerium, psychosis
Long term: amotivational,
Tolerance but dependence is debatable