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What are 3 major properties of and ideal drug
2) Safety- won't produce harmful effects
3) Selectivity- elicits only response which given
What are other properties of an ideal drug
1) Reversible action
2) Predictability
3) Ease of administration
4) No drug interactions
5) Low Cost
6) Stable
7) Simple Name
Define Therapeutics
Use of drugs to diagnose, prevent, or treat disease or prevent pregnancy
Define clinical pharmacology
The study of drugs in humans
What is the therapeutic objective of drug therapy
Provide maximum benefit with minimum harm
What are the 4 basic pharmacokinetic processes
1) Absorption
2) Distribution
3) Metabolism
4) Excretion
Define pharmacology
The study of drugs and their interactions with living systems
Define Drug
Any chemical that can affect living processes
Define Absorption
The movement of a drug from its site of administration into the blood
Define excretion
Combination of metabolism and excretion
Define metabolism (biotransformation)
Defined as enzymatically mediated alteration of drug structure.
- movement of drugs and their metabolites out of the body
Define distribution
Drug movement from the blood to the interstitial space of tissues and from there into cells.
What are factors that determine how an individual will respond to a specific drug and dosage
1) Administration
* Dosage
* Route
* Timing
2) Pharmacokinetics
3) Pharmacodynamics
What is the definition of pharmacokinetics?
How the body affects drugs
What is the definition of pharmacodynamics?
How the drug affects the body