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What is the therapeutic use for lidocaine?
antiarrhythmic (class IB)
What are the indications for lidocaine?
IV..ventricular arrhythmias

IM..self-injected or when IV

topical anesthetic

Patch..pain due to post-
herpetic neuralgia
MOA for lidocaine if given IM or IV?
suppresses automaticity and
spontaneous depolarization
of ventricles during
diastole by altering flux
of sodium ions across cell
membranes with little or
no effect on heart rate
MOA for lidocaine if given locally?
produces local anesthesia by inhibiting transport of ions across neuronal membranes, thereby preventing initiation and conduction of normal nerve impulses
What are the therapeutic effects of lidocaine?
control of ventricular
local anesthesia
What should nurse monitor frequently during administration?
blood pressure
respiratory status
if used as an anesthetic,
assess degree of numbness
of affected part
What should be monitored during prolonged therapy?
serum electrolyte levels
IM administration may cause increased?
CPK levels
Therapeutic lidocaine levels range from?
1.5 to 5 mcg/ml
Signs and symptoms of toxicity include?
blurred or double vision
ringing in ears
difficulty breathing
severe dizziness or fainting
unusually slow heart rate
If symptoms of overdose occur, what should nurse do?
stop infusion and monitor patient closely
Lidocaine is readily absorbable through?
mucous membranes
Inadvertent overdosage of lidocaine jelly and spray has resulted in patient harm or death from?
neurologic and or cardiac toxicity
Before using throat spray, ensure _____ _____ is intact before allowing patientn to drink or eat
gag reflex
Administer IM injection into which muscle while frequently aspirating to prevent IV injection.
What percentage is only used for direct IV injection?
1% and 2%
Help patient ambulate and transfer, as lidocaine can cause?
drowsiness and dizziness
After administering lidocaine in thickest part of thigh or deltoid muscle, inject, hold in place for 10 seconds, then what?
massage area for 10 seconds
Lidocaine patch may be cut...cover most painful area...remove patch if?
irritation or burning occurs
Effectiveness of lidocaine can be demonstrated by?
decrease in ventricular
local anesthesia
Premix: 1 Gm in 250 cc D5W
Dosage ordered: 2 mg/minute
How many cc/min?>
on tape