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Antibiotic Selection
sensitivity of the pathogen
toxicity potential to the patient
I solate and identify ffending organism whener possible
culture and sensitivity testing
clinical judgement
Assessment during antimicrobial treatment
n/v diarrhea and secondary infections, photosensitivity
Oral Secondary Infections
black hairy tongue, white patches, cold sores, canker sore glossitis
Vaginal Secondary Infections
lesions and itching in vaginal and anal area
Intestinal secondary infection
produce severe life threatening diarrhea(psuedomembranous colitis)
allergies and anaphylaxis
watch for after administration and hold medicine
especially with diuretics and elderly or debilitated
especially with aminoglycosides=dizziness, tinnitus, progressive earing loss
Blood dyscrasias
bleeding and anemia
Nursing process for anitmicriobials(drug administration)
timing(atc), with meals or pc or ac, use of a second drug to prevent excretion, hydration, drug-drug or drug food interactions
prevents excretiion
probenecid with penicillin or ephalsporin
sulfonamides require ff
drug-drug interaction
do not mix with other drugs in the same syringe or infuse together with other drugs
Aminoglycosides side effects
ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity
Aminoglycosides drug interaction
with skeletal mucscle relaxants may cause respiratoty depression
Carbapenems side effects
sever diarrhea dizziness confusion seizures phlebititis ro (thrombophlebitis IV)
Carbapenems cross senitivity with
between these and penicilins or cephalsporins
Cephalosporins 1st generation
effective against gram positive microorganisms
2nd and third generation Cephalosporins
have increased activity against gram negative organisms
4th generation cephalosporins
broad spectrum antibiotics
Cephalosporin side effects
severe diarhea, secondary infection abnormal liver and renal function test, hypothrombinemia(vit k), phlebitis and thrombophlebitis and electrolyte imbalance
Drug interactions of Cephalsporins
nephrotoxi potential, antacids, H2 antagonists, iron supplements, probenicid, etoh, oral contraceptives
used for uti, syphillis, gonorrhea nemingitis, pnuemonia, and ear infections
Penicillin side effects
abnormal liver and renal function tests electrolyte imbalance
Drug interactions
probenicid, antacids oral contraceptives
do not mix with other drugs in same syringe or infuse with other drugs