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Etiology of ADHD?
Under activity of catecholaminergic system mediaded by dysregulation of DA and NE(Great DANE)
Function of DA neurotransmission?
Mediates arousal, involves attention, aids concentration
Function of 5-HT neurotransmission?
Dampens noise, enhances executive operations
First line meds for ADHD?
Amphetamine(dextroamphetamine) and methyphenidate
Affective in 70% of ADHD
Stimulant Efficacy?
Ramp Effect depends on time to Tmax
concentration effect depends on peak concentration
Formulations of First line meds for ADHD?
Imediate release
Intermediate Release(6-8hrs)
Long acting release(10-12 hrs)
Side Effects of First line meds for ADHD?
Decrease appatite, insomnia, tics, growth retardation
Drud of Choice for Tics with ADHD?
Atomoxetine. NE reuptake inhibitor, antidepressant
Clonadine and Guanfacine?
alpha agonist, antihypertension drugs, for hyperactivity,
DOC for children with tourette's or tic disorders
Wake producing used for narcolepsy