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What is pharmacology?
It is the study of drugs and their origin, nature, properties and standards.
What is Absorption?
passage of a substance through some surface of the body into body fluids and tissues.
What is distribution?
the dividing and spreading of anything
What is metabolism?
all energy and material transformations that occur within living cells, the sum of all physical and chemical changes that take place within an organism
What is Excretion of medication?
The elimination of waste products
What is the onset of medication action?
period of time it takes after a medication is administered for it to produce a therapuetic effect
What is peak action?
time it takes for medication to reach its highest effective peak concentration
What is duration of action?
length of time during which the medication is present in a concentration great enough to produce a therapeutic efect
What is plateau?
blood serum concentration reached and maintained after repeated, fixed doses.
What are therapeutic effects?
inteded or desired physiological response of a medication
What are side effects?
usually predictable often times unavoidable secondary effects produced by a drug at the normal therapeutic drug dose
What are toxic effects?
develops after prolonged intake of high doses of medication or when it accumulates in the blood because of impaired metabolism or excretion
What are idiosynchronatic reactions?
unpredictable effects
What are allergic reactions
unpredictable response
What is medication tolerance and dependence?
decreased physiological response after repeated administration
What are medication interactions?
When one medication modifies the actions of another medication
What are anticoagulants?
delaying or preventing coagulation
What are antidepressants?
any medicine or other mode of therapy that acts to prevent, cure, or alleviate mental depression
What are antiemetice?
preventing or relieving nausea and vomiting
What are anitbiotics?
a natural of synthetic substance that destroys microorganisms or inhibits their growth.
What are antihypertensives?
preventing or controlling high blood pressure
What are antineoplastics?
0reventing the development, growth, or proliferation of malignant cells
What are anticonvulsants?
an agent that prevents or relieves convulsions
What are antipshycotics?
a medication used to treat psychosis
What are antipyretics?
an agent that reduces fever
What are antihistamines?
a drug that opposes the action of histamine.
What are antivirals?
a drug used to fight viral infections
What are corticosteroids?
any of several steroid hormones secreted by the cortex of the adrenal gland or manufactured synthetically for use as a drug.
What are hypnotics?
an agent that causes an insensitivity to pain by inhibiting afferent impulses or by inhibiting the reception of sensory impressions in the cortical centers of the brain, thus causingpartial or complete unconsciousness.
What are sedatives?
An agent that exerts a soothing or tranquilizing effect