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Additive Effect
2 drugs use the same mechanism (same receptor) and is the sum of the effects of each individual drug
effect of 2 drugs is les than the expected combine effects
the second drug increases the potency of the first
combined effect of 2 drugs is greater than the additive effect
What is the 2 capartment model?
It is the blood/tissue model
The complete removal of a drug from the body
Summative Effect
2 drugs different mechanism and the efect is the sum of each individual drug
Name the 5 Steps the a drug goes through
1) Dissolve 2) Absorbtion 3) Distribution 4) Metabolism 5) Elimination
Name the 4 factors effecting drug ditribution
1) Blood flow 2) Plasma Protein Binding 3) tissue Barriers 4) Fat depot or other cell affirmity