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acidifying agent
fumaric acid
used in liquid medium to provide acid medium for product stability
alkalinizing agent
ammonia solution
used in liquid medium to provide alkaline medium for product stability
aerosol propellant
dichlorodifluoromethane (fluoromethanes in general)
develop pressure w/in aerosol container and expelling when valve opened
air displacement
nitrogen and carbon dioxide
displace air in hermetically sealed container to enhance stability
antifungal presevative
methylparaben and benzoic acid
prevent fungi growth
butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
prevent deterioration by oxidation
cheleting agent
edetate disodium
substances that form stbvale water soluble complexes with metals
FD&C and D&C
used to impart color to liquid and solid preparation
emulsifying agent
used to promote and maintain dispersion of finely subdivide particles of liquid in a vehicle in which it is immiscible
encapsulating agent
used to form thin shells to enclose a drug for ease of administration
glycerine, propylene glycol
prevent drying of preparation, oinments and creams
levigating agent
mineral oil
liquid used as intervening too reduce particle size of apowder by grinding
oinment base
lanolin, petrolatum
semisolid vehicle for medicated oinments
diethyl phthalate
component of film coating solution to make fil more pliable, enhance spread of coat
stiffening agent
increase thickness or hardness
sweetening agent
used to impart sweetness to a preparation
suppository base
cocoa butter
vehicle for suppositories
sodium lauryl sulfate
substances that reduce interfacial tension
suspending agent
agar, bentonite, carbomer (carbopol), carboxylmethylcellulose sodium
increase viscosity to reduce sedimentation
tablet antiadherents
magnesium stearate, Talc
prevent from sticking to punches and dies
tablet binders
methylcellulose, povidone, starch
cause to adhesion of powder particles
film coating
enteric coating
cellulose acetate phthalate
tablet direct compression excipient
Dibasic calcium phosphate
(e.g., Ditab)
Used in direct compression tablet
Tablet disintegrant
Croscarmellose, Sodium starch
glycolate, pregelatinized starch,
Microcrystalline cellulose (e.g.,
Avicel), Starch, Crospovidone
Used in solid forms to promote
Tablet glidant
Colloidal silica and Cornstarch
Used in tablet and capsule
formulations to improve flow
properties of the powdered mixture
Tablet or capsule
Titanium dioxide
Used to render a coating opaque
Indigo carmine
Erythrosine –FD&C Red #3
Allurared AC -FD&C Red # 40
Tartrazine–FD&C Yellow # 5
Remember the word FD&C and D&C and something like Allura red AC
Used to impart color to liquid and solid (e.g., tablets and capsules)
-Remember the word FD&C and D&C for name of colors
-Common description for colors –Dyes, Pigments AND Lakes
-Dyes are soluble in water –LIQUID PREPARATIONS
-Pigments are insoluble in water –FOR SURFACE COLORATION OF TABLETS
-Lakes –Water-insoluble forms of the common synthetic water-soluble dyes