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What is not necessary with a unit dose? is one dose, just make sure you have the right units
What part is the hub?
Triangle part that holds the needle
What is the bevel?
the opening, tip
Where is the gauge number?
on the hub
What gauge for intradermal injection?
26 or 27
What gauge for subcutaneous injection?
What gauge for IM injection?
What gauge for IV injection?
What gauge for intracardiac?
Needle length for intradermal
1/4 or 3/8
Needle length for sub q
1/2 to 5/8...or 7/8 in obese people
Needle length for IM injection
1 to 1/2 inches
Needle length for IV injection
various lengths depending on the type of equipment preferred...1/2 to 1 1/2 inches
Length of needle for intracardiac injection
4 inches
Why would you not use the deltoid spot for an IM injection?
If you have a large amount to inject....more than 1 mL
What are the most common areas for IM injections?
deltoid in upper arm
gluteus medius, minimis, and maximus in the buttocks

vastus lateralis of the thigh
In adults and older children, the preferred sites for IM injection are....
gluteal muscles: dorsogluteal and ventrogluteal. ******DO NOT USE dorsogluteal site in non walking children *******
When injecting into the ventrogluteal, what are your landmarks?
hip...greater trochanter in palm

index finger toward iliac spine..midle finger toward crest of ilium..injection site is right between those two fingers above the top knuckles.
What is the maximum amount of an injection at any one site with an IM injection?
3 cc
What is the angle of needle for IM injection?
ALWAYS 90 degrees
What is always required for IM injection?
a route prescribed
What do you do to the skin with an IM injection?
spread the skin
What doyou do to the skin with a subcutaneous injection?
bunch the skin
What angle do you use for a subcutaneous injection?
90 degrees - bevel up
45 degrees - bevel down
What angle do you want to use on older people when you do a subcutaneous injection?
45 degrees
What is a z track?
Only used for IM injections
Used for solutions that are caustic...we want it to stay away from sub-q so bad that it MUST stay in muscle or it will destroy tissue surrrounding it
What must you do once you pull the medicine for a z track?
change the needle
What type of muscle for a z track?
big muscle...gluteus maximus
What needle length for a z track?
1 1/2 inch
What is z track process?
pull drug, add 2/10 of air to syringe, change needle

spread, insert, aspirate, hold it in muscle for 10 seconds, insert plunge, then wait 10 seconds