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diagnostic test… is cushings (secondary) due to ectopic or pituitary.. Pituitary will be more than more than 2x (petrosal:serum) cortisol
TSH, diagnostic test… did post surgical resection of hyperthyroid carcinoma get all of it… this will increase amount of radioactive iodine uptake if carcinoma there
thyrotropin releasing hormone
TRH, diagnostic test… is hypothyroidism secondary to pituitary malfunction
dopamine agonist at D2… for hyperprolactinemia and adjunct with octreotide for Acromegaly
ACTH, diagnostic test… increases cholesterol esterase in adrenal glands, to see if addison's, also to differentiate between adrenal hyperplasia and ovarian hyperplasia
somatropin, somatrem… GH deficient adults and children, peripheral edema, no in malig
insulin like growth factor
mecasermin… in GH deficient children only with those IGF deficiency or GH gene deletion who have antibodies, no in malig
semorelin… to determine if hypothalamic dysfxn, no in malig
GHRH receptor antagonist
octreotide, somatostatin… acromegaly on people who can't surgery yet, gastrinoma, glucagonoma, VIPoma, insulinoma, carcinoid
GH receptor antagonist
pegvistomant… most effective for acromegaly
male infertility
hCG (LH) then FSH and hCG
female infertility
FSH and leuprolide / ganirelix then hCG
induce ovulation, estrogen antagonist in pituitary increases LH, FSH
GnRH, gonadorelin
induce ovulation, cryptorchidism, delayed puberty
long acting GnRH
leuprolide, goserelin… long term suppression of LH, FSH, for precocious puberty, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, first phase in female infertility
GnRH antagonist
ganirelix acetate… first phase of female infertility
V1 receptors causes vasoconstriction, GI bleeding
vasopressin (DDAVP)
V2 for central diabetes insipidus