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Reasons one would administer opioid analgesics?
-Produce sedation
-Dec. emotional upsets assoc with pain
What effects do poioids have on the CNS?
-CNS depression
-Dec. mental/physical activity
-Resp. depression (asses BPM<10)
-Pupil constriction
During what conditions will opioids be used?
-Acute MI (MONA)
-Post Op
-Acute PE
-Severe, unproductive cough
Contraindications for opioid use?
-Resp depression
-Chronic lung disease
-Prostatic hypertrophy (cant pee)
-Inc. ICP
What are some characteristics of morphine?
-Non ceiling drug (no llimit)
-schedule 2 drug
-given orally, parenteral, epidural, liquid
How does Demerol differ from morphine?
Demerol is a ceiling drug, meaning there is a maximum dose that one can recieve
What should happen with opioid use?
-Dec BP
-Dec HR, RR
-Dec behavioral manifestations of pain
What meds can be used to reverse the effects of iopioids?
-ReVia (rehab pts)
Why do burn pts get agitated?
because of hypoxia, not pain
What must a nurse consider while administering opioids?
-pain is subjective
-avoid CNS suppression
-chinese usually do not show much pain