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What is the mechanism of action for all immunosuppressant drugs?
Selectively suppress certain t-lymphocyte cell lines preventing their involvement in immune response.
What is the major risk factor for patients on immunosuppressant drugs?
heightened susceptibility to opportunistic infections.
What assessments should the nurse include prior to administering Azathioprine, Cyclosporine, or Muromonabe-CD3?
Renal function, liver function, CV function, CNS baseline assessment, and respiratory assessment.
What should the nurse advise apatient on how to take how to take oral Cyclosporine with food?
Take med w/ meals or mixed w/ chocolate milk to prevent GI upset. Avoid taking w/ grapefruit juice.. it increased bioavailability by 20-200%
What laboratory values should the nurse monitor for patients receiving immunosuppressant drugs?
Hgb, Hct, WBC, platelets
A patient is discharged for home and has been prescribed an immunosuppressant drug. What signs and symptoms should the nurse tell the patient to call and report?
Fever, sore throat, chills, joint pain, or fatigue.. indicates infection.
What are contraindications to the administration of active immunizing agents?
current infections, febrile, illnesses, Hx of reactions, pregnancy
Which immunization would a nurse working in the newborn nursery administer to newborn babies?
Hepatitis B vaccine
What immunization is recommended for college students?
Meningococcus vaccine
Which drugs are indicated in the treatment of Anthrax?
fluoroquinolone - Cipro
why can't a baby take oral (OPV) instead of the injection of IPV?
OPV can cause polio from live virus. IPV is inactivated.
What is herd immunity?
Resistance to a disease in an etire community bcz a large portion of the population is immune.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics,at what age should infants receive their first dose of DTaP, Hib, IPV, MMR, Varicella, and influenza?
DTaP: 2 mos
HiB: 2 mos
IPV: 2 mos
MMR: 12 mos
varicella: 12 mos
Influenza: 6 mos
What should the nurse do to prevent extravasation of an antineoplastic IV?
asses IV patency often - hourly
If extravasation of an antineoplastic occurs, what should the nurse do?
DC the agent, call doc, aspirate any fluid or blood left in tubing, administer antidote through same tubing, then remove IV.
What signs and symptoms should patients receiving Antineoplastic Agents
report to the physician immediately?
Black tarry stools, chills, fever, sore throat, bruising, cough, dyspnea, dark or bloody urine, ulcers or white spots in mouth.
What drugs are used to treat nausea related to Antineoplastics?
Ondansetron (Zophran)
Metoclopramide (Reglan)
Larazepam (Ativan)
Dronabinol (Marinol)
What laboratory values should the nurse monitor for patients receiving Antineoplastic Agents?
CBC - WBC, neutrophils inparticular
Biliruben, AST, ALT, BUN, Creatinine, serum uric acid, electrolytes
A patient is receiving Methotrexate, what should this patient avoid using?
NSAIDS, aspirin, sulfa drugs, other antineoplastics, alcohol, theophylline, penicillins, Digoxin, vaccines, oral anticoagulants.
If toxicity occurs, what drug is antagonist to Methotrexate?
Leucovarin - protects patient from fatal bone marrow suppression effects
A patient is receiving Tamoxifen Citrate therapy after receiving mastectomy. At discharge, what foods and fluids should the nurse encourage her to eat at home?
drink 10-12 glasses of water/day, avoid foods high in citric acid, that are hot or cold, or have a rough texture.