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What is the function of phospholipase A2 in the production Prostaglandins?
This enzyme cleaves lipids in the cell membrane to produce arachidonate?
how can eicosanoid synthesis be inhibited?
Inhibiting A2 or Ca+2, COX-1 and COX-2
what does the non-enzymatic metabolism of arachidonate produce?
what drug is an inhibitor of 5-lipoxygeanse , used for asthma?
name two leukotriene receptor blockers that are useful in treating asthma?
zafirlukast and montelukast
Leukotrienes are potent ______________ and also stimulate secretions?
what are the effects of PGE in the vascular beds( but not in the large veins)?
Vasodilators, with decreased BP and results in increased flow to most organs ( heart, kidneys, mesentery )
________ is a potent vasodilator (5 times that of PGE2)that produces decreased BP and reflex tachycardia
_________is a potent vasoconstictor and increases Ca+2 and IP3/DAG. Also smooth muscle mitogen
Thromboxane A2
___________lower BP via microvasculature (not large vessels) and cause exudation of plasma in postcapillary venules
___and ___ both inhibit platelet aggregation
PGI2 and PGE1
___ is a potent promoter of platelet aggregation
___,____,____ relax bronchial smooth muscle and _____ and _____ constricts
PGE1, PGE2 and PGI relax

TXA2 and PGF2alpha constricts
what does PGE and PGI do on the GI ?
They decrease acid secretions and increase mucal secretions and increase mucal blood flow to help maintain gastic intergrity
PGE2 and PGF stimulate_______ release to contract the uterus. ______in a synthetic PGE2
oxytocin, and Dinoprostone
What does PGE2 and PGI do to the kidney?
Increase kidney blood flow, promote diuresis, stimulate Na+ and K+ secretion, decrease ADH affects
Latanoprost is used for ...
it is a derivative of PGF2alpha, which can reduce intraocular pressure, minimal side effects
Fever is caused by PGE but what inhibits this
aspirin can reduce fever
What can cause enhanced sympathetic tone
NSAIDS action on PGE to increase NE release