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what drug is contraindicated if your patient is allergic to peanuts?
what alternative drug to a B2 agonists if your patient has severe tachycardia ?
an anti-cholinergic: ATROVENT
what is the MOA of atrovent?
an anticholinergic: competitive inhibition of muscarinic cholinergic receptors
what are the 3 main drug interactions for theo?
warfarin (decreases INR)
Quinolones (decreases THEO)
antifungals (increases THEO)
what is the DOC for acute exacerbations and EIA?
B2 agonists
what methylxanthine do you give for an acute attack in the hospital setting in a drip?
IV amynophylline (not theo)
what is the DOC for asthma prophylaxsis?
inhaled corticosteroids
you can give steroids to kids for asthma treatment? T/F
< 2 asthma attacks per week is considered what step in the asthma classification?
step 1: mild intermittent
>2 asthma attacks per week is considered to be which classification step?
step 2: mild persistent
> 1 attack every day is what step in asthma classification?
step 3: moderate persistent
what is the worst stage of asthma classification?
severe persistent: step 4
what is the DOC for COPD?