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Example of a low molecular weight heparin (LMWH))
Enoxaparin (Lovenox) works on factor 10a
what is argatroban
a direct thrombin inhibitor;
used as an alternative to heparin
which factors does warfarin (Coumadin) work on?
also on thrombomodulin which is proteins S and C
inteferes with vit K synthesis
direct thrombin inhibitors
how does heparin work?
activates antithrombin which inhibits factors IIa (thrombin), Xa, others
what is factor IIa
when you you use thrombolytics
MI; they break up fibrin clots
how does fondaparinux (Arixtra)
directly inhibits factor Xa and XI
What does Heparin do?
activates antithrombin which inhibits factors IIa (thrombin), Xa, XIa and Xa
when should you use Argatroban?
with a pt with heparin induced thrombocytopenia
indications of heparin
MI, thromboembolism, ACS, prevention of thromboembolism
heparin treatment dose
haparin propholaxis dose
5000 subq every 8-12 hrs to prevent a clot
side effects of heparin
HIT-heparin induced thcytpnia
Lovenox indications
acute MI, ACS, Thromboembolism
Lovenox TX dosing and side effects
1 mg/kg SC q12; if CrCl <30 then q24 hr

side effects: bleeding
lovenox prophylaxis dose
30 mg SC q12

side effects: TCP, HIT
Arixtra indications
Tx of thromboembolisms
Arixtra Tx dosing
5-10 mg (based on wt)SC once daily

side effects: Bleeding
Arixtra prophylaxis dose
2.5 mg SC once daily

side effects: Thrmbcytpenia
Argobatran indications
heparin induced Thrmbcytpenia
ischemic stroke
Argobatran dosing
depends on indication; drip formulation; hepatically cleared, don't use with liver failure

side effects: Bleeding
coumadin indications
Thrmboembolism (Afib, post MI, Venous TE, heart valves)
Specific Xa anticoagulant
how long does Warfarin take to have its effects
3-5 days, it is not an acute drug
purple toe syndrome
may be caused by too high an initial warfarin dose