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Name some causes of impaired red cell production
B-12 deficiency
Folic Acid deficiency
Name 3 causes of anemia
Impaired RBC production
Impaired Hgb synthesis
Decrease RBC survival
What is the RDW (Red Cell Distribution Width)?
Measures the variability in size of the red blood cell
Under what conditions does a patient require iron therapy?
If TSAT is less than 20% or Ferritin is less than 100
T/F A high TIBC will cause a low TSAT %
When is bone marrow biopsy usually done?
In a normocytic anemia with a low reticulyte count and unknown cause to rule out myelodysplasia
What are the causes of normocytic anemia?
Acute blood loss
Hemolytic anemia
Anemia of Chronic Disease
What are the causes of macrocytic anemia?
Folic acid deficiency (Sulfa drugs)
Methotrexate (used for RA)
What are the caues of folate deficiency?
When do you use Darbopoetin(stimulating growth factor)
only use for cancer patients. Hg/HCT must be low before using this drug
what are the indications of Darbopoetin?
AZT- related anemia
Chemotherapy induced anemia
What are the side effects of Darbopoetin?
Severe HTN
What are the indications of GM-CSF?
AIDS assoc. neutropenia
Bone Marrow Transplant
What are the adverse effects of GM-CSF?
Bone pain
Flu-like symptoms
name a drug that stimulates neutrophil production
How do you calculate the ANC (absolute neutrophil count)
(B + S) * WBC = Answer
Answer * 100
(Ex: Bands=5, Segs=12, WBC=1.5) ANC = 2,550
This is greater than 1500, we don’t need to put on CSF

If ANC > 1500 for 2 consecutive days you should stop therapy
How do you calculate the TSAT %?
TSAT %= Iron X 100/TIBC

If TSAT% is high, no need to give iron therapy. If TSAT is less than 20%, then we need to give iron
What are the clinical Indications for Iron?
Chronic blood loss
Repeated pregnancy
Inadequate dietary intake
what are the different types of iron therapies?
Ferrous Gluconate
Ferrous Fumarate
Ferrous Sulfate- most common
Iron Dextran – SC/IM
What is the side effect of Iron therapy?
What are the indications for IV Iron?
Dialysis (FDA approved)
NPO patients (not FDA apprvd)
What are the 2 forms of IV Iron?
Venofer (Ferrous Sucrose)
Ferllicit (Ferric Gluconate)
What do you do before giving IV Iron?
Give test dose to test for an anaphylactic reaction (or give Benadryl first)
How do you treat Iron toxicity?
Acutely: Deferoxamine: Chelates Iron
Chronically: (hemachromatosis): Phlebotomy