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What is Enanthate?
A testosterone ester injection
What is Cypionate?
A testosterone ester injection
What is propionate?
A testosterone ester injection
What is methyltestosterone?
An oral testosterone
What would you use in a prepubertal male with hypogonadism?
A testosterone ester injection (enanthate, cypionate, propionate)
What is Leuprolide?
A GnRH agonist
How does leuprolide work?
It is a GnRH agonist that actually inhibits gonadotropin release, thereb inhibiting testosterone synthesis.
What is Finasteride?
A 5a-reductase inhibitor.
What is finasteride used for?
prostatic hyperplasia
What is flutamide?
An androgen receptor antagonist used to treat prostate cancer.
What is sildenafil?
(viagra). A pde Inh
What is Vardenafil?
(Levitra). Also a pde inh.
What is an unusual SE of vardenafil?
QT elongation (potential for arrhythmias)
What is tadalafil?
Cialis, a PDE inh.
What is alprostadil?
Used for inducing erection in men (PGE1)
What would you use to treat someone with ED due to a vascular disorder (such as diabetes)?
An erection INDUCER such as alporstadil (caverject).
What is Papaverine?
Nonspecific PDE inh.
What is a trimix?
A more effective method of ED treatment - inculdes phentolamine (a blocker), PGE1, and papaverine
What is apomorphine?
A serotonin stimulator (oral)