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What are adrenergic agonists?
drugs or endogenous chatecholamines that activate alpha and beta receptors; also known as sympathomimetics
How are adrenergics classified?
according to the mechanism of action (direct, indirect, or mixed action)

by receptor site (a1,a2,B1,B2)
What are the 2 classes of adrenoreceptors?
alpha (a1 and a2)

beta (B1 and B2)
Describe the alpha 1 receptor.
postsynaptic membrane receptor, stimulation leads to release of intracellular Ca via IP3 and DAG

vasoconstriction (inc TPR and BP), mydriasis, glycogenolysis
Describe the a2 receptor
presynaptic membrane receptor, acts by dec IC cAMP levels

inhibits NE & insulin release

many CNS effects, some vasoconstriction, platelet agg, (-)lipolysis
Describe the B1 receptor
mediates cardiac effects of chatecholamines by increasing cAMP production

increases force and rate of contraction
Describe the B2 receptor
mediates bronchodilation, vasodilation, and sm. muscle relaxation by inc intracellular cAMP
By what mechanism does the a1 receptor act? alpha2?
alpha1: IP3, DAG

alpha2: Gi, inhibit adenylyl cyclase
what effect does a2 agonism have on insulin secretion?
inhibits insulin secretion
most organs except for blood vessels are dominated by what part of the ANS?
ejaculation is controlled by what receptor?
a1 receptors
stimulating the eye's M3 receptor does what?
miosis (circular muscle) and accomodation (ciliary muscle)
receptor for skeletal muscle relaxation?
pregnant uterus contraction - relaxation receptors?
a1 - b2
receptor for kidney renin release?
receptor for glycogenolysis and increased contractility in skeletal muscle?
receptor for increasing heart rate and contractility?
what sympathomimetic creates widened pulse pressure? why?
epinephrine; blood vessels relax due to B2 stimulation
receptor for blood vessel constriction except in skeletal muscle?
how can beta blockers help in glaucoma?
decreases aqueous humor secretion
how do cholinomimetics help in glaucoma? what drugs are considered useful in this situation?
+ outflow of aqueous humor, contraction of ciliary muscle and opening of trabecular meshwork drugs: pilocarpine, carbachol, physostigmine, echothiophate
how do beta blockers help in HTN?
lowers CO and renin secretion
how do beta blockers help in angina pectoris?
decreased HR and contractility, leading to decreased oxygen consumption
what use do beta blockers have in MI pts?
decrease mortality
why are beta blockers useful in supraventricular tachycardia?
slow AV conduction velocity
what do beta blockers do in CHF?
slow progression of chronic failure
what does ACh-ase do to ACh?
splits into choline and acetate
What are the examples of direct acting amines?
epinephrine, norepinephrine, and isoproterenol
Name the Direct acting adrenergic agonists?
Name the Indirect acting Adrenergic agonists
Name the mixed action adrenergic agonists