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Antagonists of B - derivitve
- devitives of isoproterenol
- B1 and B2 blocker
- Bradycardia and a reduction of CO
- peripheral resistance initially is increased, but will lower BP if give chronically
- blood flow to most tissues is decreased
- F ~ 30%, due to major hepatic metabolism
Antagonists of B - uses
- V arrhythmias
- Angina pectoris
- Hypertension
- Cardiac myopathies
- Long-term prophylaxis after myocardial infarction
- Prophylaxis of migraine
- Hyperthyroidism
- Glaucoma
- for pheochromocytoma
- Acute fright/stress syndromes
• Skeletal muscle tremors
- B1 antagonist
- for the treatment of hypertension
- B1 antagonist
- a very short duration of action compared to meteprolol
- use in IV infusion for short duration or for pts in which B-blockade might need to be withdrawn quickly
non-selective A blockers
drug-induced tachycardia has severely limited the clinical usefulness of molecules that antagonize both A1 and A2
- A2 antagonist
- used for hypertension and refractory heart disease
- doesnt block A1, so wont produce lots of tachycardia
- B1 and B2 antagonist
- is a partial agonist so may produce smaller reductions in resting HR than others
- good for hypertenisve pts w/ significant decreases in cardiac reserve or with a propensity for bradycardia
cause of migraines (our best guess)
release of serotonin both from platelets and from serotoninergic nerve terminals
- a 5HT1D serotonin receptor-selective agonist
- very effective for acute treatment of migraines
- ergot alkyloid
- is very effective during the prodrome of an attack
- afterwards, its less effective
propranolol trade name
metoprolol trade name
esmolol trade name
pindolol trade name
prazosin trade name
sumatriptan trade name
ergotamine trade name