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What is Aldara (imiquimod) used for & what is the dosage?
Apply TIW HS, wash in 6-10 hrs.
What is Condylox (Podofilox) used for & what is the dosage?
Apply BID x 3 days, off 4 days, repeat PRN up to 4 times.
Name the 2 Rx wart medications;
Aldara (imiquimod) 5% cream

Condylox (Podofilox) 0.5% gel
What is the active ingredient in OTC wart medications?
Salicytic Acid
What are; Allergen, Aurodex, & Auralgal?
Otic analgesics/anesthetics
Allergen, Aurodex, & Auralgal Indications;
Temporary relief of pain & swelling due to OM, OE & swimmers ear, also aids in ear was removal.
Allergen, Aurodex, & Auralgal MOA;
Glycerin-decreases middle ear pressure.
Allergen, Aurodex, & Auralgal dosing;
Fill ear w/solution, put cotton in, repeat q 1-2hrs PRN
Allergen, Aurodex, & Auralgal Contraindication;
Perforated tympanic membrane, hypersensitivity to ingredients.
Allergen, Aurodex, & Auralgal adverse reactions;
Possible allergy or irritation.
Allergen, Aurodex, & Auralgal Precautions;
Pregnancy Cat C (no studies done), otic use only, dc if irritation occurs.
What are the active ingredients in Cortisporin Otic?
Polymyxin b
Cortisporin Otic indications;
Bacterial infection w/inflammation of ear, solution & suspension, solution used only for swimmers ear.
Cortisporin Otic MOA;
Neomycin-an aminoglycoside-interferes w/bacterial protein synthesis.
Polymyxin b-alters bacterial membrane.
Hydrocortisone-corticosteroid, anti-inflammatory.
Cortisporin Otic Dosing;
Instill 4gtts 3-4 times qd, max 10 days.
Cortisporin Otic Contraindications;
Hypersensitivity to ingredients.
Cortisporin Otic Adverse Reaction;
Burning, stinging, itching, ototoxicity.
Cortisporin Otic precautions;
Otic suspension prefered to solution due to risk of damage of cochlear if ear drum is perferated.
What is Ciprodex
Otic Anti-infevtive
What are the active ingredients in Ciprodex?
Dexamethasone-(corticosteroid, anti-inflammatory)
Ciprodex MOA;
Ciprofloxacin-fluoroquinolone(ABX); inhibits DNA gyrase used in DNA replication.
Dexamethasone-(corticosteroid, anti-inflammatory)
Ciprodex Dosage;
Instill 4 gtts bid for 7 days
Ciprodex contraindications;
hypersensitivity fo fluroquinolones, dexamethasone, viral infections of the ear canal
Ciprodex ADR;
Pain, prutitis, decreased hearing.
Ciprodex precautions;
Preg Cat C, detected in blood/breast milk.
What is Cipro HC?
Otic anti-infective
What are the active ingredients in Cipro HC?
Hydrocortisone-(corticosteroid, anti-inflammatory)
Cipro HC indications;
swimmers ear/otitis externa >1year old.
Cipro HC MOA;
Hydrocortisone-(corticosteroid, anti-inflammatory)
Cipro HC Dosage;
3 gtts to affected ear bid for 7 days.
Cipro HC CI;
hypersensitivity, viral infection in ear
Cipro HC Precautions;
Pre Cat C, found in blood/breast milk, not sterile, do not use w/ ruptured ear drum or tympanotomy tubes in ear.
What is Floxin Otic?
Otic Anti-infective
Floxin Otic indications;
otitis externa & media, shronic suppurative otitis media. (Last resort for resistant chronic infections)
Floxin Otic MOA;
Floxin Otic Otitis media (ruptured membrane or tympanotomy tubes) dosage;
Adults; Instill 10 gtts into affected ear bid for 14 days.

Peds; Instill 5 gtts into affected ear bid for 10 days
Floxin Otic Otitis externa dosage;
Adults; Instill 10 gtts into affected ear bid for 7 days.

Peds (6mos-13yrs); Instill 5 gtts qd for 7 days.
Floxin Otic CI;
Hypersensitivity to fluoroquinolones, viral ear infections.
Floxin Otic ADR;
Pain, dizziness, pruritis, taste perversion.
Floxin Otic Precautions;
Preg Cat C, found in blood/breast milk.
What is Debrox?
Cerumen softener.
It is OTC and covered by medical.
Debrox Indication;
emulsify and disperse ear wax
Debrox MOA;
Carbamide peroxide- releases O2 bubbles.
Debrox dosage;
Adults; Instill 5-10 gtts in ear bid for up to 4 days, put cotton in.
Peds; Instill 3 gtts in ear bid for up to 4 days, put cotton in.
Debrox CI;
Hypersensitivity, perforated tympanic membrane, ear drainage, pain or rash.
Debrox ADR;
Rash, irritation, redness.
Debrox precautions;
Preg cat c, do not use >4 days due to risk of super infection.
What is Neosynephrine (phenylephrine)?
OTC Nasal Spray
Alpha Adrenergic Agonist
Neosynephrine (phenylephrine) indications;
adjunctive tx for OM, acute or chronic rhinitis, sinusitis or hay fever.
Neosynephrine (phenylephrine) MOA;
Nasal decongestant, causes vasoconstriction of arterioles in nasal mucosa.
(can cause vasoconstriction in other parts of the body, HTN or tachycardia)
Neosynephrine (phenylephrine) Dosage;
=>6y/o, 2-3 sprays into each nostril bid.
Neosynephrine (phenylephrine) CI;
Neosynephrine (phenylephrine) ADR;
Burning, HTN, palpitations.
Neosynephrine (phenylephrine) precaution;
rebound congestion if used >3 days, caution w/HTN, heart dz, or hyperthyroidism or glaucoma.
What are the first generation antihistimines available?
Benedryl (Diphenhydramine)
Atarax (hydroxyzine)
Phenergan (promethazine)Rx
Antivert (meclizine)
First generation antihistimines Indication;
rhinitis, allergic rxn, motion sickness, nausea & sleep aids.
First generation antihistimines MOA;
Bind to H1 receptors block histamine, also bind cholinergic, adrenergic & serotonin receptors.
Diphenhydramine Dosage;
25-50mg q 6-8 hrs.
Chlorpheneramine Dosage;
4mg q 4-6 hrs.
Astelin (azelastine) Dosage;
1-2 sprays each nostril bid
Tavist (clemastine) Dosage;
1mg bid
First Generation Antihistamines CI;
Hypersensitivity, acute asthma attacks, neonates & premature infants, nursing.
First Generation Antihistamines ADR;
Drowsiness, dry mouth, urinary retention, sinus tach, hypotension, dizziness, increased appitite, bronchospasm, children paradoxical excitation.
First Generation Antihistamines Precautions;
Narrow angle glaucoma, bladder neck obstruction, prostatic hyperplasia, gastric effects, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular dz, preg cat B except nursing contraindicated, death in overdose, caution in peds <2y/o respiratory depression, death.