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name the gram - rods
anaerobic bacteroids fragilis
bacteroids melaninogenicus
gram + rods
ar = listeria
anr = clostridium
gram - roda aerobic
salmonella, proteus, e. cli, enterobacter, cintrobacter, h. flu, pseudomonas, shigella, serratia
gram + cocci
anr= peptococcus, prptosteptococcus

ar = staph aureus, staph epidermis, streptococcus, strep. pneunoniae, MRSA, enterococcus
gram - cocci
neisseria gonorrhea, neisseria mrningitidis, moraxella cattarrhalis
atypical bacteria
mycoplasma pnemoniae, mycobacterium tb, mycobacterium, chlamydia pneumonia, chlamydia trachomtis, legionella
pneumocystis carinii, toxoplasma gondi
blastomyces, asperigillus, candida, cryptococcus, histoplasma
HIV, herpes varicella, herpes simplex, CMV
how do sulfanamides work
inhibit bacterial synthisis of folic acid by competing with PABA for binding to dihydropteroate synthease.

used to treat leprosy
how do the penicillins work
by inhibiting cell wal synthisis
name the antiseudomal PCN's
piperacillin, carbecillin, ticarcillin
what are he natural PCN's
penicillin G, V
what bugs do PCN G work on
gram + & - cocci, (+) bacilli, spirochetes
what must be given with IM Benzyl PCN
procaine - for pain of injection
how long is a single shot of benzathine PCN G good for
30 days, good for gonnorrhea
how long is the aqueous pen G good for
2 hrs
what are the antistaphylococcal PCN's
CONDM drugs, used to treat PCNase producing bacteria. methycillin resistance
what adverseeffect do PCN's have
interstitial nephritis. do notdose adjust with renal failure
what are the aminopenicilins/extended spectrum of activity and what are they good for
ampicillin and amoxicillin
not used for betalactmase producinn bugs.
good for gram +/-, lose some gram+. good for proteus, e. coli, neiserria, salmonella, shigella
what are the beta-lactamase inhibitors
amoxicillin + clauvulani acid (augmintin)
ampicillin + sulbactam (unicin)
name the anti-psudomonal PCN's
piperacillin or ticarcillin + an aminoglycoside for double coverage.
what must you consider with the anti-pseudomonal PCN's
increaseed sodium load, can cause hypokalemia
what are side effects of PCN's
allergy, rashes, N/V, GI Upset, SJS (not common), superinfection, overgrowth of fungi, wipes out normal floral. c-diff
what cause PCN resistance
production of beta-lactamase enzyme.
all beta-lactams are rsistant if the organism is methicillin resistant