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Abuse v misuse
- perceived as abuse when there is a cost to the society at large
Three types of tolerance
- metabolic (increased metabolism)
- Functional (receptor cell changes)
- Behavioral (recovery from ability to function socially)
- physical (brain expects it)
- psychological (compulsive behavior)
The more the physical dependence ...
... the worse the withdrawl
- heroin, morphine, codeine, methadone
- act on the "u" receptor
- stimulants
- amphetamines, cocaine, meth. - caatecholamine transmission
** Caffiene - different receptor = decreases adenosine
- diazepam, ethanol, barbituates
- increase GABA
- weak mimic of acetylcholine
- LSD, psilocybin, mescaline
- decrease seotonin trans.
- Have their own receptor!
Factors of Drug abuse:
- availability
- cost
- perceived risk
- mode of administration
- Speed of onset
Factors of Drug abuse:
Host (user)
- heredity
- psychiatric symptoms
- prior experiences
- propensity for risk taking behavior
Factors of Drug abuse:
- Social setting
- community attitudes
- employment or educational opportunities
Amphetamine v cocaine
- similar actions
- both interact with reuptake of Dopa
- Amphetamine causes Dopa to leak out ... so it's effects are longer
- abuse potential for both is great
- toxicity: arrhythmias and convulsions for both
Opioids Toxicity
- coma
- naloxone
Sympathomimetics toxicity
- sympathetic storm (convulsion)
- amphetamines: tx with haloperidol (sedative)
- cocaine: tx seizures with diazepam and stroke with proprnaolol or calcium channel blockers
General depressants toxicity
- coma, respiratory failure
- mechanical ventilation
- pos inotropic drug:dopamine
- hemodialysis or hemoperfusion
Psychedelics toxicity
- anxiety
- give psychosis support
Phencclidine toxicity
- seizures
- pump stomach
- acidify urine, diazepam for seizures
Inhalants toxicity
- asphyxiation, arrhythmias
- protect heart
Opioid withdrawl tx
- methadone or L-acetyl methadone
- withdrawl symptoms not life threatening
Sympathomimetics withdrawl
- nothing proven
general depressants withdrawl
- convulsions, DT
- pheobarbital
- propranolol or clonidine reduce sympathetic storm
Nicotine withdrawl
- anxiety, craving
- replacement therapy
- bupropion