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Estrogen therapy is not cardioprotective
true-it is not
hot flashes, urogenital atrophy, osteoporosis are all effects of __ depletion
estrogen depletion
After 5 years of estrogen therapy, the risk of __ goes up so estrogen must be discontinued.
breast cancer
Name 2 oral estrogen replacement meds.
conjugated estrogen (premarin)
estradiol (estrace) off mkt...so who cares
Name some estradiol patches.
estraderm, limara, vivelle
What is vaginal premarin good for?
vaginal atrophy, little systemic effects
What are benefits of estrogen therapy?
osteoporosis prevention
Alzheimer's disease prevention
symptomatic relief of menopause
What are some s/e of estrogen therapy?
endometrial/breast ca
skin rxns
name to 2 progestin products.

Name two oral combinations of estrogen/progestin
prempro-(premarin/provera) no menses
premphase-2 weeks on, then 2 weeks of premarin only
What is the major s/e with the combi-patch? (premarin/progestin)
inc. risk of thrombosis
What other non-hormonal therapies can be used in the tx of hot flashes?
SSRI's (prozac/paxil)
Effexor-can be used if pt can't tolerate sexual dysfcn s/e of ssri's.
Clonidine-can't be used in pt's with hypotension