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Identifies appropriate doses and therapeutic drug indications of American drugs
Most Useful: Facts and comparisons, AHFS, Martindale

Useful: PDR, Trissel's Handbook of injectable drugs
Lists address and telephone number of manufacturers and lists manufacturer of American Drug
Most useful: Facts and comparisons

Useful: PDR
Contains nomogram or equation to calculate body surface area (BSA) in square meters
Facts and Comparisons
contains equation to calculate ideal body weight
Facts and Comparisons
Indicates drug dosing guidelines in renal disease or hepatic disease (how to adjust dose for renal/liver disease for American drugs)
Most Useful: facts and comparisons, AHFS

Useful: PDR
identifies foreign drug names and addresses of foreign drug countries (other than US or canada)
Most Useful: Martindale, Merck Index
Describes physical and chemical properties of drugs (specific gravity, solubility, chemical formula, etc)
Most useful: Martindale, Merck Index

Useful: AHFS, PDR, Trissel's Handbook of injectable drugs
contains temperature conversion chart or equation (Farhenheit and Celsius)
Most useful: Facts and Comparisons

Useful: Drugs in Pregnancy and lactation
Lists adverse reactions that include frequency or incidence data (how often or what incidence rate does this side effect occur) [American drugs]
Most Useful: Facts and comparisons

Useful: PDR, (Facts and Comp. interactions or drug interactions facts)
List herbal products or dietary supplements (more than just vitamins and minerals) (ex. valerian, kava)
useful: Martindale, Review of Natural Products
Lists drug interactions with laboratory tests (ex. will drug alter liver function tests (liver enzymes), etc.)
Most useful: Facts and comparisons, AHFS

Useful: PDR, (Facts and comp. drug interactions or drug interaction facts)
Lists FDA pregnancy categories (ABCDX) regarding safety with use in pregnancy/lactation
most useful: facts and comparisons, drugs in laction and pregnancy
Identfies compatibility or interactions of injectable drugs mixed together in syringes, solutions, etc.
Trissel's Handbook of Injectable drugs
describes guidelines for treatment of an overdose of a drug
facts and comparisons, AHFS, Matindale, PDR