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What is approximate number that is essential to the soroity invite, and more importantly, the average seize of the human group? Why is it important?
The preparation for the soroity invitational is reminisecnet of many animal tendencies. What is one animal and one human example given to demonstrate the practicality versus sexual appeal?
Animals: peacock feathers, crab's oversized claw that impede with feeding

Humans: high heels, impedeing movement
At sorotiy invitationals, women are often seen dacning with each other. What is the biolgoical explanation for this?
Bonobo females rubbing their genitalia together, women make new bonds for support, for friendship
There are two groups that are formed at the soroity invitational. Name them.
In group and out group
The fashion of females at the soroity invitational serves a variety of functions. what are the inter and intra sex purposes of appearance?
Towards males, fashion serves as to advertise the erotic zones of feminie fashion and peaks the males curiosity. In regards to toher women, fasion can foster competition and promote self-confidence
What are the three directions in association between the quality of a relationship and the sexual satisfaction?
1: relationship quality levels affect the levels of sexual satisfaction
2: sexual satisfaction defintes the quliaty of a relatinpship
3: bidirectional - a change in either aspect auses a change in the other
How do the different agendas of men and women give reason for the association between the quality of a relationship and the sexual satisfaction?
becuase both male and female have agendas, if any of their agendas are affected in either their relationship or sexuality, then there will be an effect in their seuxality or realtonship becuase they're not happy in the first place
Give one example that would demonstrate one of the directions in the association between sexual and relationship satisfactions.
1: good communication leads to good sex
2; dissatifying sex leaves unresolved issures in a realtinoship up in the air
3: an increase in sexual pleasure increases happiness ina relationship. Or an increase of emotional distance results in an increase in dsexual dissatifcation
How do the different agendas of men and women explain no direction in the association between sexual and relationship satisfaction?
Becuase men follow the direction that sexual satisfaction cuases relationship quality due ot their agenda, and women follow the opposite direction due to their agenda, the reslts seem to be going in both directions, therefore having no direction
What are the agendas of men and women in the association between relationship satisfacition and seuxla satisfaciton?
Men care a bout the sexual satisfaction, women care more about the realtionship quality
Explain the duality between mind and body in resepcts to Aristoltles's fourth century belife and western socity today.
Aristole believed tha twomen were monsters and eviated from generic human type. Women were mutilated males. Women today ssoicated with the body and men with the mind. Western societies defined men's bodies as the standard against which women's bodies are judged, and women's bodies are constructed as deviants in comparison.
Orginin of the slender body type.
During this decade (1920) women asserted their rights as active feminsit and the flapper represented the ideal of feminie beauty. Association between thinness and power. Social connotation between economic success and thiness.
How does the media as well as peer influecne the development of body s atisfaction?
Girls who watched more appearance-focused television had lower appearance satisfaction. Girls who perceievd their peers desire for a thinner body significantly coreelated with a thinner ideal body themselves.
Name two limitations to her study and explain why.
Girls were Caucasian and from middle to upper class famility. Also it was a small sample size.
WHy si stive for thinness destructive?
The more one is exposed to the idealizd imagines, the more she believes its attainable; however, many women, regardless of their age or weight, are dissatisified with their bodies and remain in a state of unhappniess.
Compare and contrast the roles of women from the 1920s to modern times
In the 1920s, the overall expectation of women was for them to be docile and complacent in their roles as housewives and mothers. THey wer eexpected to keep the thome becuase their place was in the home and not in the workpalce. Nowadays, women are part of domestic life as well as the work force. To some degree they are still expected to keep the home this is evident with stay at home moms. THey are not sonsidered docile or complacent as they were.
Briefly explain the reasons for shift in female seuxal expectionas.
THe feminist movement, Sanger and women's rights to choose
How was the creation of contraceptives instrumental in the shift of female sexual evolution?
The creation of brith control finally allowed women to have control over their own bodies wihtout relying on the man to dictate their lives. THis inspired women to finally stand up and say that they were the ones who have contorl onver their lives and not their male couterparits, thus inspiring the feminist movemtn
How did American view controcetpives in the 1950s when compared to the present days?
It was seen as taboo becuase this would imply that women were sexually active. During this time a woman wanting to have control over when she reproducess was undheard of. Later on, these views changed and many women relaized that having control over your own fertility was a good thing. It not only gave mre freedom sexually but also led to women becomeing liberated socially and educationally. Now use of controcaeptives is accepted and consdiered necessary with the new working women.
WHat contributed to the drop in scholastic achievement for young girls in high school during 1960s.
Young grils declined because neither thheir families nor their teachers expected the mto prepare for a future other than that of marriage and mother hood. THere was no need to do well in school becuase young firls were socialized to bielieves that women's palce was in the home