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Define viceroy
representatives who ruled one of Spain's provinces in the Americas in the name of the king.
define plantation
Large estate run by an owner or overseer and worked by laborers who live there.
define encomiendas
Right the Spanish government granted to its American colonists to demand labor or tribute from Native Americans.
define peons
worker forced to labor for a landlord in order to pay off a debt.
define peninsulares
member of the highest class in Spains colonies in the Americas
define creoles
an american born descendant of Spanish settlers in the Americas.Owned most of the plantations, ranches and mines.
define mestizos
people of Native American and European descent.
define mulattoes
people of African and European descent.
define privateers
pirate, some who were approved of by the European governments.
Identify Council of the Indies
a group set up by the King of Spain to pass laws for the colonies.
Identify Bartolome de las Casas
early Spanish historian and Dominican missionary in the Americas, who was the first to expose the oppression of the Indian by the European and to call for the abolition of Indian slavery
Identify New Laws of the Indies
law forbid enslavement of Native Americans
identify Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
poet, scholar, and nun, an outstanding lyric poet of Mexico's colonial period.
Identify Sir Francis Drake
Called El Draque(the dragon) by the Spanish because of his boldness as a pirate. He was also an explorer.