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wet gum -english mtd -o/w
fixed oil (4):h20(2);acacia(1)
dry gum-continental mtd -
Inc electrolytes
crack emulsion

soln: add last and in a dilute form
bottled mtd
variation of dry gum mtd used for volatile oils

oil+acacia (btl)

oil(3):h20(2): acacia(1)
requires a inc proportion of acacia
low viscosity of volatile oils
nascent soap (o/w or w/0)
mix eq vol of oil and aq soln (alkali)

emulsifying agt
olive oil
oleic acid

free fatty acid
high melting pt oil miscible ing

melted before low mp ing are added
low melting pt ing
70-80 degree
heated at this temp(emulsion)
resultant emulsion
stage wherein heat labile or volatile ing r incorporated
improve homogeneity and stability of prdt
hand homogenizer

immersion blender
proc w/ no problem during incorporation of emulsion
- addition of drug during emulsion dormation
- addition of oleaginous materials to a w/o emulsion
- addition of aq materials to an o/w emulsion
- addition of small quantities of alcoholic soln to an o/w emulsion
- addition of crystalline drugs wo a w/o emulsion
problematic proce in incorporation of emulsions
- addition of drug to a predormed emulsion
- addition of oleaginous material to an o/w emulsion
- addition of h20 or an aq material to a w/o emulsion
semisolid prep=> external use

easily spread
use of oint
emollients (pliable skin)

protective barriers (prevent subs from coming in contact w/ skin)
ointment bases
oleadinous base
absorption base
emulsion base
h20 sol base
oleaginous base
insoluble in h20
cannot absorb or contain h20 not washable in h20
ex of oleaginous base
synthetic esters
lanolin deriv
good base for oil insoluble ing

forms occlusive films on skin

absorbs less than 5% h20 under normal conditions

does not become rancid
stiffen base
synthetic esters
use as constituents of oleaginous base
ex of synthetic esters
glyceryl monostearate
isopropyl myristate
isopropyl palmitate
butyl stearate
butyl palmitate
long chain alc
cetyl alc
stearyl acl
lonilin derv
used in topical and cosmetic prep
ex of lanolin deriv
lanolin oil
hydrogenated lanolin
absorption bases
h20 insol
not washable in h20
can absorb h20
permit h20 sol medicaments to be incl thru prior soln and uptake as internal phase
ex of absorption bases
wool fat

hydrophilic petrolatum
wool fat
anhydrous lanolin contains high % of cholesterol as well as esters and alc that contain fatty acids

absorbs 2x its wgt in h20 and melts between 36 deg and 42 deg
hydrophilic petrolatum
white pet + 8% beeswax + 3% stearyl acl + 3% cholesterol
uses woll alc to render white petrolatum emulsifiable
emulsion bases
hydrous wool fat
cold cr
hydrophilic ointment
vanishing cr
other emulsion bases
emulsion bases definition
w/0 emulsions
h20 insol
not washable in h20
aq internal phase
hydrous wool fat (lanolin)
w/o emul
25% h20
occlusive film on skin
prevent water loss
cold cr
w/o emulsion
melt white wax
expressed almond oil + hot aq soln of sod borate
mineral oil
more stable than almond oil
almond oil cold cr
better emollient base
hydrophilic oint
o/w emulsion
sod lauryl sulfate(emulsifying agt)
absorbs 30-50% w/out losing consistency
readily miscible in h20
easily removes from skin
vanishing cr
o/w emulsion
large percentage of h20
propylene glycol
retards moisture loss
stearic acid excess
helps to form thin film when h20 evaporates
greaseless emulsion base
nongreasy emulsion base

absorbs 30% of its wgt in h20
pH close to skin
water soluble bases
contain some water
washable and absorb h20
ex of h20 soluble bases
peg oint
propylene glycol
propylene gly-ethanol
peg ointment
blend of water soluble polyethylene glycol -> semi solid base

solubilize h20 sol drugs

contains 40% peg 3350
60% peg 400

fusion mtd

stiffer base -> inc amt of peg 3350 to 60%
propylene flycol and propylene glycol ethanol
clear gel when mixed with 2% hydroxypropylcellulose

popular dermatologic vehicle