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What was the commitee that oversaw colonies for the crown? They enforced Navigation Acts.
Lords of Trade
What did King James want the Lords of Trade to organize in the northern colonies?
Dominion of New England
What was the Glorious Revolution?
Protestant Rebellion where they invited King James' daughter and husband to rule
What did the Glorious Revolution lead to?
Andros thrown in jail

Breaking up of Dominion of New England
What did the Glorious revolution establish (not lead to)?
Royal power flowed from consent of Parliament - not God
In the Englightenment, what did thinkers emphasize on?
human reason as key to improving society
Who launched the Grand Awakening?
Johnathan Edwards
Who was banished of his job because of a belief that God forgives, not predestines?
Jonathan Edwards
What were the French in search of?
Jesuit priests seeking to convert Amer. Indians
What did American Indians become dependant on?
Fur trading
What was the political confederation of American Indian nations?
Iroquis League
What was the Iroquis League also called?
Six Nations
What called for loose confederation to promote defense?
Albany Plan of Union
What was the French and Indian War known as in Europe?
7 Years War
Who were people who bought land expecting quick profit from its resale?
Land speculators