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1. Why could Moses endure God’s presence?
Because he was transfigured.
What two things did God tell Moses would never cease?
His works and his words.
Why did God not show all of his works to Moses
No man can behold God’s works unless he beholds all of his glory and no one can behold all of God’s glory and remain in flesh on the earth.
a. Who was Moses actually speaking with?
Jesus Christ, he is there on behalf of God.
What was Moses’ reaction after beholding the creations described in verse 8
“I know that man is nothing.”
5. What is meant by the term “spiritual eyes?”
The glory of the lord, or transfiguration allows moses to see things who could not have been able to otherwise.
What did the Lord say would happen if a person were to behold all of God’s glory?
They could not remain on the earth in the flesh
What is the difference between transfiguration and translation
Transfiguration= short term translation=longterm
a. meaning of the word “Satan” and “Lucifer
Lucifer: lighte bearer Satan: the oppose, the accuser
b. What did John the Revelator teach about Satan’s role as an accuser?
The he was cast out and took a third part with him. They overcome satan through christs blood and their testimony.
Characteristics of Satan’s appearance to Moses:
Satan tempts him and calls him son of man, trying to make him think that he is nothing.
How is it that Moses could judge between God and Satan
He could judge because he could see that Satan had no glory. He knew that he could not look upon God unless he was given God’s glory. But Moses could look upon satan with natural eyes. He described him as Darkness.
e. Satan’s attitude when Moses would not worship him.
“Satan creid with a loud voice and ranted upon the earth and commanded. Satans character: Angry, out of control, violent, temper tantrum, screaming.
f. What did Satan call Moses as contrasted with what God called Moses?
Satan called moses the son of man, but God called him the Son of God. Trying to belittle him
g. What are the specific attitudes, characteristics, or by-products of Satan as found in verses 19-22. You should be able to list at least six or more.
Weeping, wailing, gnashing of teath, temper tantrum, anger, out of control, violent, rage
h. Why was Satan forced to leave the presence of Moses
Because moses told Satan to leave in the name of God.
i. How many times did Moses ask Satan to depart from him? (see verses 16-21). How did Moses ask Satan to depart on the first two occasions as compared to Moses’ final request?
4 times, the difference was the first times he just said to “get thee hence Satan”, but the last time Moses called upon God.
Specifically, why is the account of Moses’ encounter with Satan not found in the scriptures? How does 1 Nephi 13:20-28 confirm this statement found in Moses.
When the book came from the mouth of the jew it was complete and wasn’t missing anything. But the great and abominable church take many plain and precious things from it. So that they could harden the hearts of the children.
9. What promise of strength did the Lord give Moses?
(v25) How would the waters obey Moses? He said “Thou shalt be stronger than many waters, for they shall obey thy command”, red sea and parting it.
How long did the Lord tell Moses He would be with him and what specific duty was he (Moses) given? (v26)
He said that he would be with him until the end of Moses days, his specific duty was to deliver Israel from bondage.
Moses’ vision of the earth, e.g., what was it like, what did Moses see, etc. (note verses 27-30 very carefully)
Moses saw absolutely everything, also saw all the souls on it, saw every land.
What are the two questions Moses asked God (see verse 30).
Why did you create the earth? How did you create the earth?
God answers the first of Moses’ questions (How was the earth made). What information does He give to Moses relative to this question?
He said the he created it to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. 3 pillars 1) Creation 2) Fall 3) Atonement.
What do we learn about Adam. (verse 34
What was the Lord’s restrictions on the amount and type of information He would give to Moses (verse 35). We find out that he was the first man. We also find out that there are many worlds that God created that are innumerable. In D&C 101: In Millenium Jehovah will reveal all. But at that time with moses he would only give him an account of eath.
What do we learn about God’s work and glory.
Gods work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.
Who was the Lord referring to in verse 41? Specifically, what two things will the children of men do regarding God’s word, which will cause Him (God) to raise up another prophet like unto Moses? (v41)
1. When that esteem my words as naught and 2) when that take from the book that is written.
Only Begotten – what does this Title of Christ or Jehovah mean
The only one of God’s literal children in the flesh.
What did God create during the six creative periods? Be able to describe the creation in it’s six day/time period, e.g., what was created on the third day, the fourth day, etc. Note the process or the organization of the six creative time periods. How long is a creative day or time period?
Day 1: night and day
Day 2: created the firmament: Divided the waters from the waters and the firmament: Made heaven and earth. Called the firmament heaven.
Day 3: Seperated the land and the water. Called land land and water sea. Earth brought forth grass, seed and trees yielding fruit.
Day 4: Made sun and moon, and the stars
Day 5: Created every living creature
Day 6: Created man and gave him dominion.
Day 7: Rest
We don’t know how long the creative day time period is.
Day 1
night and day
Day 2
: created the firmament: Divided the waters from the waters and the firmament: Made heaven and earth. Called the firmament heaven.
Day 3
Seperated the land and the water. Called land land and water sea. Earth brought forth grass, seed and trees yielding fruit.
Day 4
Made sun and moon, and the stars
Day 5
Created every living creature
Day 6
Created man and gave him dominion.
Day 7
Review D&C 88:6-13 & D&C 101:32-33
Chirst descended below all things. He is in everything, he is the light. The lord will reveal ALL things in the second coming.
What is the purpose of the firmament
It separates the heavens from the earth.
Who created mankind? In whose image were they created? What specific commandment did Adam and Eve receive on the sixth day?
Man was creatd in God’s image. God created manking. Commanded to multiply and replenish the earth.
Meaning of the word Hebrew word “shabbath.”
To rest
Sanctified-what does this mean and how does it relate to the Sabbath day?
? Holy, celebrate, praise. Relates to Sabbath because we should celebrate the creation on this day.
What does Moses 3:5 teach?
There was a spiritual creation before there was a physical creation.
“helpmeet” (Hebrew meaning):
To save (acts in a majestic way to rescue)
“Eden” (Hebrew meaning
Pleasant or delightful.
a. What did the Lord mean when He said “For it was spiritual in the day that I created it; for it remaineth in the sphere in which I, God, created it.”
A repeat of question 25. The garden of eden had a spiritual physical creation, nothing died, adam and eve’s body at this time was not using blood.
b. Where is the location of the Garden of Eden
? Located in what is now the north American continent, Missouri
c. What did the Lord mean when He said that Eden, together with every tree, etc., were a “spiritual creation?”
they were in a physical spiritual state.
d. Where was the Tree of Life planted? Where was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil planted?
Both trees were in the center, Tree of knowledge of good and evil in the center of the garden.
Names of the four rivers emanating from the Garden of Eden
Pison, gihon, hiddikel,euphrates
a. What did God command Adam when he introduced him into the Garden? What other commandment had Adam and Eve received?
Both to multiply and replenish the earth and not partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
b. What did the Lord remind Adam that He (God) had given him (Adam)?
)? He reminded him that he had given him agency and that he could choose.
c. What did the Lord tell Adam would happen in the day he ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?
He would die.
d. What assignment was Adam given while in the Garden of Eden? (
He name everything all animals.
e. Given the Hebrew, what do the words “help” “meet” suggest?
To save, acts in a majestic way to rescue.
How is the symbolic account of Eve’s creation described in chapter 3. How do we know this is only symbolic or figurative?
He took her rib.
What do verses 23 and 24 teach about the relationship between a husband and wife?
Symbolism of rib shows that they are equal to each other. Took his rib, close to his heart and used to protect. Shows that they are one now.
What does the word “cleave” mean?
Relationship of skin to bone-tightness
Satan – verses 1-4 (What does Satan mean and what does Lucifer mean
)? Lucifer=light bearer or torch bearer Satan=the oppose, accuser
a. What did Satan desire to do in verse 1?
He wanted God to send him instead of Christ. He sought to tell children to do whatever they wanted to do and still return to God, sought to destroy agency.
b. What did satan want in return
c. What does that mean?
God’s glory, to be god.
Wanted God to step aside, and he could take his place
d. How does Isaiah 14:12-15 add to the information found in Moses 4?
He wanted to be like the most high and have power over the heavesn but instead he will be brought down to hell.
e. Specifically—what did Lucifer say in his heart?
Exalt my throne above God’s (list three statements) Where did Lucifer say he would ascend? Ascent to heaven Who did he say he would be like? Be like God
f. What did Jehovah say in verse Moses 4:2? What is one of the main differences between Jehovah and Satan?
The difference was that Christ wanted to glory to be God’s forever.
g. The Lord lists three reasons for Satan’s downfall and forced departure from His (God’s) presence. What are they?
1. He rebelled 2. HE sought to destroy agency of man 3. He wanted God;s power
h. Satan became the devil. How is he described in verse 4. What does he do (list three of his evil activities)
1. Father of all lies 2. To deceive and to blind men 3.To lead them captive at his will
What did Satan not know? What did he seek to destroy
? Satan did not know the mind of god and his plan for man. He sought to destroy the world
“Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden,” asked Satan to Eve, could be rephrased as “Are you free to eat fruit from any of the trees in the Garden?” In response to that question, how did Eve answer Satan
Note verse 9. Yes we can eat of the fruit in this garden, but not of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or else we will die.
Evidently, what had God told Eve regarding the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?
That if she eats of that tree she will die.
When Eve rehearsed God’s prohibition against the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, what was Satan’s response?
He told eve that she wouldn’t die
According to Satan, what were the benefits of partaking of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? List two.
1. Good for food 2. Pleasant to the eye 3. Was desireable
Lehi taught there must be an opposition in all things (2 Nephi 2:11). Meaning: happiness can only exist as long as we have something to compare it with…say, misery or greater happiness. In other words, when Lehi says all things must needs be a compound in one, he means there must be more than one choice or one possibility. Joy can only be understood if we have misery to compare it to. According to Lehi, without the possibility of different choices or experiences, what could not be “brought to pass” (or experienced)? List three pairs of opposites.
According to Lehi if there hadn’t been the choice to not partake of the fruit and the choice to multiply an replenish the earth than there could be no salvation of manking brought to past. Righteousneww could not be brough to pass, nor wickedness, nor holinees nor misery nor good nor bad, life or death, incorruption nor incorruption. Essentially no life.
According to verse 15, in order to bring about his eternal purposes in the end of man (or for mankind), after he created Adam and Eve and other living creatures, what did God create in the Garden of Eden that are considered in opposition (or opposites) to one another? Note: forbidden fruit refers to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
God created the tree of knowledge of good and evil in opposition to the tree of life.
Adam and Eve (or anyone, for that matter) cannot exercise their agency unless they have things in opposition…or a choice A, a choice B, or even a choice C and D to choose from. According to Lehi, how do these choices affect us? Note verse 16 carefully.
These choices affect us by giving us the right to act for ourselves.
Why were Adam and Eve given choices or opposites in the Garden of Eden? (to entice them to act or to choose one from the other). Remember, you can’t exercise your agency without them. What were the two commandments given to Adam and Eve?
To multiply and replenish the earth and to not partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
You can see how the two trees are in opposition to one another…but, how are the two commandments in opposition to one another, as well. (Again, the opposition or opposites are to entice Adam and Eve to choose one or the other). The plan, of course, was for Adam and Eve to choose to partake of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (and bring about mortality, procreation and death), and to choose to multiply and replenish the earth.
If they do not partake of the fruit then they cannot multiply and replenish the earth, but they are commanded to not partake of the fruit.
According to Lehi, if Adam/Eve had not transgressed and eaten from the Knowledge of Good and Evil, what would have been the consequences?
Adam would not have fallen, there would be no procreation, everything in the garden would have remained in the exact same state.
What was the state in which Adam and Eve had been originally created? Review Moses 3:9. What is a spiritual creation or the state in which God created the earth and Adam and Eve prior to the Fall?
Spiritual physical, they could not die, nor could they procreate
According to Lehi, if Adam had not Fallen and remained as a spiritual creation, what would it have been like?
They would have had no children, and remained innocent, however they would have no joy because they had no misery, and no good because there was no sin.
What does verse 24 teach? You should have a detailed answer to this.
It teaches that the lord does everthing in his own wisdom,and he made the commandments in opposition with the plan that adam and eve must create mankind.
Why did Adam fall?
Adam fell because he partook of the fruit so that he could keep the commandment to stay with eve. Eve partook because she knew that they had to multiply and replenish the earth.
Adam and Eve brought about the third creation, or the Fallen World. What are the characteristics of this creation?
A physical creation, where things die, and can be procreation, sin, joy, happiness,sorrow, and also having to work by the sweat of the brow for the things they needed.
What two characteristics of the Fallen world required the mediation of a Redeemer? What does 2 Nephi 2:26 teach (verse sentence only
1. Knowing good from evil 2. Being free to act for themselves.
Like Adam and Eve, we live in a world of opposites. Opposites, which are necessary to exercise our agency. What is Lehi’s teaching regarding these opposites in verse 27?
We are free to choise all things. We’re free to choose either liberty and eternal life, or captivity and death.
When was the PGP published and by who
1851 Franklin D. Richards
When was the PGP accepted as scripture:
Who made edits to the PGP
Orson Pratt, James E. talmage