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central/systematic route
evaluating the merits of the object. the central features. high motivation needed to do this
peripheral/heuristic route
used when you're relying on the peripheral features of the object. other cues that are persuasive but not central merits
ability to focus

petty et al
cannot always focus

students are more persuaded by strong message than week when not distracted. but when distracted, messages equally persuasive
motivation to focus
1.strong/week message -central expert-peripheral
3.take effect now/5 years-central
more attractive people are more convincing
we are more persuaded by those who are like us, or little better (highschool to middleschooler)
need someone who seems trustworthy. (often peripheral cue)
sleeper effect
when you read something, take source into account at first, but then over time, source fades and info later becomes more persuasive
hovland & weiss
with no delay- credible source more convincing than non-credible

with delay-credible and non credible report same belief in argument
long messages generally better

but short and good is better than long and fluffy (in central processing)
recency or primacycan be best.
spread between messages and then lenigh of decision makes difference.

a-b-week: a wins
a-week-b: b wins
how much does the message disagree with your view? messages that really go against plls beliefs have no impack
positive emotion
try and put you in good mood bc less critical judge and more easily persuaded
subliminal perception has very short term effects but does work.

liquor stores: music affects type of wine you buy
who are you persuading?

high/low SM pll influences how much they are persuaded by advertising
strategies of persuasion
dependant on interpersonal dynamics/relations
foot in the door
2 step technique: get someone to do something small and then ask for something big.
Freedman & Fraser (foot in the door)
put small sticker on door...then asked to put large sign on front yard. people put sticker will put sign up more than no sticker pll
door in the face
contrast effect:
ask for something huge and pll reject...then ask for something small and they say yes bc just said no
cialdini (door in the face)
asked students to chaperone juvenile delinquents at zoo...then ask to mentor everyday/2 weeks. will take them to the zoo
agree to something and then people tell you all the details...cant back out at that point
caldini (low balling)
ppl asked to be in psych study...yes...7am in morning

already committed!
"thats not all"
try to convince someone to buy something/do something but keep adding things to deal..think its a bargain

fail to realize they dont need it
giving no outs for donation
ppl dont donate bc dont have time/money. campaigns emphasize fact that dont need time or money...ppl have to give penny...give more and more participate
scarcity(of numbers or time)
make ppl feel that time is running out they rush to irrational decisions (HSN)
pennebaker et al (scarcity)
bar example:
9 people think same sex
1030 about equal
12 opposite looking better
if you initially tell someone that someone is going to pursuade them then they can prepare
give person small amount of persuasion effort so they can prepare to fight the view & when persaded with bigger...prepared to fight back
ppl resist being told what to do & then when someone tries to persuade them they become even strong in own views

kids with no candy rule growing up go crazy for candy later
albarracin et al (reactance)
ppl given abtinence vs. moderation message with drinking

ppl drink more when abstinence only message