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what is schizotypal PD characterized by?
-odd, eccentric behavior
-perceptual distortions
what are some clinical features of schizotypal PD?
-magical thinking
-peculiar appearance and speech
-suspiciousness or paranoid ideation
what is schizoid PD characterized by?
-lifelong pattern of social withdrawal
-discomfort with human interaction
what is paranoid PD characterized by?
-long standing suspiciousness and distrust of people leading to false interpretations of the motivation of others
what is historionic PD characterized by?
-dramatic, attention seeking behavior from emotional people
what is narcissistic PD characterized by?
-heightened sense of self importance and entitlement
what is antisocial PD characterized by?
-inability to conform to societal norms
-symptoms begin in adolescence
-lacks empath, social responsibility and guilt
-manipulative thru charm and seduction
what is bordeline PD characterized by?
-unstable interpersonal relationships, self image, mood, and behavior
-fear of abondonment
-impulsive behavior
what is dependent PD characterized by?
-need to be taken care of
-fears of being abandoned
-avoid leadership positions
what is avoidant PD characterized by?
-fear of rejection leading to social withdrawal despite a desire to be social involved
-lack self confidence
what is obsessive compulsive PD characterized by?
-preoccupation with orderliness and perfectionism
-not the same as OCD
personality traits
-characteristic patterns of percieving, interacting with, and thinking about one's environment
personality disorder
-enduring, inflexible and maladaptive manner of interacting with one's environment
-code on axis II
cluster A
-odd and eccentric
-paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal
cluster B
-dramatic, erratic, emotional
-histrionic, narcissistic, antisocial, borderline
cluster C
-anxious and fearful
-dependent, avoidant, obsessive compulsive
what is the etiology of schizotypal PD?
-more common in biological relatives of schizophrenics
what is the etiology of paranoid PD?
-not known
-but, is higher for realtives of schizos
what is the etiology of borderline PD?
-possible genetic basis (family history of depression/alcoholism)
-affected women were likely the victim of incest
what is the etiology of avoidant PD?
-genetic predisposition
-temperamental predisposition to social avoidance and introversion