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Specific Dimensions
Predicts Behavior
Stable pre-dispostions to act/behave in diff ways (friendly,outgoing)

Ideographic Perspectives
Relating to individuals not groups
-rare accurance, rulling passions that dominate an individuals life

Central-lasting/enduring character(5-10 terms)
Secondary-less obvious, dont always appear w/ peoples behaviors
Oral, Anal, Phallic
oral-1st yr of life- things in mouth

anal-2nd yr-defication(self waste)

Phallic-3,4,5th yr-self stimulation, erotic sexual desires
Adler-emphasis on inferiority
1st student-disagreed about psychosexual
-inferiority complex-organize thoughts,
emotions,behaviors based on perceieved short-commings
(basis drive is need for superiority)
Jung-emphasis on symbolism
-Collective inconscious
Hand slectied but later disagrees
1)consious/uncon but felt uncon was different
2)symbols are inherited
3)arcgtypes-God,mother earth, water
-universal inherited human tndancy to perceive/act on things in a particular way
4)personal-stores unique exp/repressed memories
CU-memories/behaviors predispositioned from ancestors(2 layers)
Horney-emphasis on security
Disagreed w/ male dominace
-1st woman-psychodynamic-treated women equal
Believed role of culture rather than biological
-expectations from men/women

Security-basic anxiety that results in irrational beliefs (isolation)
Social Cog Approach-how we think/behave

Locus of Control
Rotter-LoC-amount of control a person feels he has over the punishments/rewards in envir.
I-Cause of behavioral consequences are result of individual
E-from enviroment
Maslow: Self actualization
We have a basic need to move forward in self-A
-natural desire 2 reach true potential
-vague concept
-to optomistic to extreme of a POV on human nature