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Gaius Cinna
Poet and friend of Catullus; author of Zmyrna; also the man with the litterbearers whose name Catullus says backwards when he's caught in a lie.

"meus sodalis...Cinna est Gaius" = My companion...he's Gaius Cinna
Caelius Rufus
Lesbia's new lover

"mihi frustra ac nequiquam credite amice" = friend trusted by me in vain and pointlessly
Quintilius Varus
Man whose girlfriend Catullus calls a harlot; also the man to whom Catullus writes about Suffenus

"me ad suos amores duxerat scortillum" = Varus took me to his love the prostitute
Licinius Calvus
Orator and poet; Catullus and he enjoy having poetry duels, and Catullus consoles him when his wife, Quintilia, dies.
Wrote the "Annals," which Catullus calls used toilet paper

"cacata charta" = pooped-on papers
A charming, witty, and sophisticated man whose poetry Catullus does not appreciate. While his poetry looks lovely, it is the stuff of goat-milkers and ditch-diggers.
Cornelius Nepos
The man to whom Catullus' book of poetry is dedicated; wrote a learned volume of history that Catullus admired
Marrucinus Asinius
Napkin thief and brother of Gaius Asinius Pollio
Late wife of Catullus' friend Licinius Calvus
Man prosecuted by Calvus
Considered beautiful by unsophisticated types, but Catullus can not believe that she would be compared to Lesbia
Friend who promises to invite Catullus to his house for dinner if he will read his political speech against Antius
Friend of Catullus who is invited to dinner, provided he bring the meal, a beautiful girl, wine, wit, and laughter
Companion of Catullus who is asked to deliver not good words to Lesbia
Well-respected orator whose poetry Catullus does not appreciate. He believes he writes too much and contrasts him to Cinna,whose poetry is better polished
Companion of Catullus who is asked to deliver not good words to Lesbia
Quintus Arrius
Orator who affects an aspiration (adds an "h") in an attempt to sound high class

"chommoda dicebat, si quando commmoda vellet dicere" = he used to say hopportunities, when he wanted to say opportunities
The most outstanding of Catullus' 300,000 friends, whose return Catullus rejoices over
Gentle poet, Catullus' companion, author of the "Magna Mater," whom Catullus would like to come visit