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In the operating room you have a scrub nurse and a circulating nurse which of these two are sterile?
Scrub nurse.
Is the circulating room nurse sterile?
No they are not
Is the circulating room nurse an RN?
Yes it is mandated by law with the circulating nurse be an RN
What is the A.O.R.N.?
This stands for the association of operating room nurses.
Is the scrub nurse an RN?
The scrub nurse can be an RN or a technical assistant, like a surgical first assistant.
A major rule at thumb for the operating room
Always work from clean to contaminated
In the operating suite the SEMI RESTRICTED area requires what type of clothing?
You are required to have scrubs and a hat on, but no mask. No sterile products are opened in this area.
Is PACU restricted or nonrestricted area?
In the operating room which disease is most feared, AIDS or hepatitis?
Hepatitis because it is much more virilant.
What two types of Catteries are used in the operating room?
Single pole and bipolar